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  • I have a home web server running on a computer that is being used for nothing but the server, useing the local host address on that computer i can see the theme i have for worpress just fine, but when i connect (useing another computer) to the actual web address of the server all i see is the text of the theme, it isnt even formated.

    I am useing ie 7 and i have everything on with my server that i know of.

    I am useing wamp as the server.

    Anyone know what is happening, i also tried loading several other themes and have gotten the same results, i can view them locally but not over the internet.

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  • whooami



    dont use localhost for ANYTHING if you want the site to display properly when you arent local

    and PLEASE use the search.



    sounds more like a network issue than a theme issue.

    Nap, everything linked to is under localhost as whooami says. This includes the stylesheet, which explains the plain text. Does this homeip service allow URL screening/forwarding? Might be worth looking into.




    Does this homeip service allow URL screening/forwarding?

    Thats exactly what that is for.. specifically for ppl with dynamic ips that want to do their own hosting gigs.

    This is a networking issue, not a theme isssue, btw, and I think themesbycal’s reference was to the area that this post is in.. It happens all of the time unfortunatly – so much so that I often wonder why there are even seperate areas.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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