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  • Plugin Author stianlik


    The plugin requires ImageMagick with GhostScript support, can you verify that your server is configured correctly? You may need to ask your web hosting provider to verify this.

    Can you post the error messages you are getting?

    Plugin Author stianlik


    Two weeks since last message, assuming issue was resolved.

    Sam Lowry


    Hi- Thanks for checking in. I was completely stumped about how to install ImageMagick with Ghostscript. I’m pretty tech savvy, but I couldn’t find a simple way to make this happen for wordpress. I would suggest a simple step by step set of instructions – or if they exist, I missed them.

    Plugin Author stianlik


    No problem. I understand that the installation can be cumbersome the first time, extact steps depends on your system, I’m linking to some resources below. The general process is as follows:

    1. Install ghostscript
    2. Install imagemagick, compiled with ghostscript support
    3. Install PHP extension for imagemagick (can use pecl)
    4. Restart web server for changes to take effect

    Debian / Ubuntu

    sudo apt-get install ghostscript php5-imagick
    sudo service apache2 restart


    How to install imagemagick on windows 7

    How to install, test, convert, resize PDF using ImageMagick, Ghostscript, Windows Vista/7 x64


    Installing ImageMagick on Mac OSX for PHP and MAMP

    Test installation

    To verify that your system is ready to generate thumbnails:

    1. Create a file named test.php in your web root with the following content:
    2. Open http://YOUR-SITE/test.php in your web browser
    3. Search for “imagick” and verify that “ImageMagick supported formats” contains “PDF”.


    Hi. Nice idea for a plugin and could be very useful. Thanks

    I am having an issue, basically I’m just getting html error – In my php.ini it states that PDF support is turned on in Imagick.

    Is there any way to get this to work without Ghostscript, as I guess this is what’s missing. Although it states that PDF support is enabled. A tad confusing 🙂

    Plugin Author stianlik


    Can you post the error message you are getting?

    If you have PDF support in imagick, this plugin should be working. The reason that you need Ghostscript, is to enable PDF support for imagick.



    Essentially, when I upload it states HTML error (no other error apart from that).

    I’m scratching my head, as everything seems to be in place… Not to worry too much about it mate, I’ll keep looking at it on my end.

    Plugin Author stianlik


    If you are up to it, you will probably get a more helpful error message in the web server log. You can find the log file in the following places:

    • Debian/Ubuntu: /var/log/apache2/error.log
    • OSX: /var/log/apache2/error_log

    Othewise, it may be helpful to enable debug-mode for WordPress by editing wp-config.php, see Editing wp-config.php for details.

    I am getting an error when uploading the PDF, too. It only says “Error, please try again later” in the media manager, no messages in the error log file /wp-contents/debug.log. Imageick seems to be properly installed:
    Any ideas what could be wrong?

    Plugin Author stianlik


    The error message you experience is not directly from this plugin so it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is failing. In the next version I will add some more error handling or logging to ease the debugging process.

    Thank you for posting the output of pdfinfo(), from what I can see imagick should be properly installed. The rest of this post assumes that you have experience with PHP programming, let me know if anything is unclear. You can test imagick directly using the following code (replace ‘somefile.pdf’ with a readable PDF file):

    // read the first page of PDF and output as JPEG
    header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
    $im = new \Imagick('somefile.pdf[0]');
    echo $im->getImageBlob();

    The preceding code should display an image of the first page from ‘somefile.pdf’. Please let me know if this works, or if you get any error messages.

    It can also be related to execution time. If the PDF is large, it may take a long time to process and time out. You can modify maximum execution time in php.ini.

    Unfortunately I have Win 8.1 and am using WP 3.4.2. I know I need to update WP but I need to upload some files to my site first before I slog thru updating….and I need thumbnails of my PDFs. But I’m getting the Http error message after I installed your plugin.
    I’m not that tech savvy so is there possibly a simple way to get your plugin working?…..thx!

    Plugin Author stianlik


    I have never tested the plugin with an older installation than WP 4.0, so I’m not sure if there are any issues with older versions. I may be able to help you troubleshoot if you give me some more information to go on, i.e. what do the message say? Is your WordPress-installation placed on a Windows server?

    In general, I recommend you to upgrade WordPress before installing new plugins.

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