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  • 1. There is no option on the Discussion Options page to Email me whenever – A comment is marked as “probably spam” and held/queued for approval.
    2. In the Permalinks option page, the text entry field for entering a custom “category” URI prefix could be shorter, to avoid confusion with the other text entry field there (It’s only a word, anyways.)
    3. The link manager option is the only option page with old style urls – it read options.php?option_group_id=8 . This could change to options-linkman.php or something, and the linkmanager options page could use some redesign, as it is the only page that shows the settings names as they are in the database, like ‘links_rating_type’ and ‘links_rating_ignore_zero’ which does not gel with the rest of the interface, and is not user friendly.
    4. In wp-admin/users.php the Users can register themselves or you can manually create users here. link appears even when the option “Anyone can register” is deselected in General Options.
    5. When there is no title to a post, the pingback sent out looks dorky. Like this:
    […] rk� title="Permanent Link: “> Filed under: General � admin @ 12:04 am post #42 testing pingbacks and trackbacks. –> Comments &ra […]
    The &ra at the end also looks weird. (Live demo at )
    6. The password entry field for password protected posts echoes the password (be better if it showed *s)
    7. Whatever the admin uses as the default writing interface is also the default writing interface for all the other users (I tested till level 5 users)
    8. It is not clear exactly what level a user has to have to be able to make changes to categories, links, templates etc. Maybe the users.php page should list these.
    9. A “Mass Edit Mode” for posts, similar to the existing ones for comments and links would be useful.
    Thank you.

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  • I’d also like to point out that the level specifier on the users page is a PITA to modify. I think rather than the “+” and “-“, the level number should be in a drop menu, where you can click on it and select the level. If the level is low enough, then you can show the “X” for deletion. Admins with lots of users could waste a lot of time clicking on plusses and minuses and waiting for the page to refresh. Just a usability quirk, but it’s all about usability, right? 😉

    I’ve just installed this version in a test directory for a blog I’m developing for a friend. So far I’m pretty impressed. A lot of the things in wordpress that bugged me are fixed 😀
    Anyway, a problem I’ve noticed. I uploaded a jpg file and asked it to make a thumbnail on the way. It worked perfectly, I can see both files in the selected directory. But on the next page it only gave me code for an img src link to the actual image I uploaded. No mention of the thumbnail. It would make more sense to spit out both the direct link to the image uploaded and also an img src link to the thumbnail image with the larger image in an a href tag wrapped around the thumb. Or even just urls to both files so I can construct whatever code I want.
    This file upload and thumbnail formation is a really nice feature. It’s a pity to lose some of that functionality by not outputting enough code afterwards. 😀

    Just wanted to say that I agree with shelleycat’s post above 100%. That’s always bugged me about WordPress’ upload function. You can create a thumbnail, but then you have to manually type out the link if you actually want to use the thumbnail. It would be nice to have this auto-created.

    There is already a hack to provide this functionality. Some lines in the upload.php have to be modified. It works just fine.
    Please take a look at this thread:

    Thanks, that looks like a great hack, but to quote one poster in that thread “Hopefully this can get vetted into 1.2 before release. Hate to hack the upload.php each time for such an obvious feature…”
    I would also hate to have to add this hack every time I upgrade since I do it almost daily 🙁

    Most of my comments stand, for WP 1.2 🙂

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