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  • Karo


    I am a fairly new wp-user yet, but something came to mind the other day that I miss and would like to share -if anyone interested. 😉

    I’m starting to bulid my blog, but while I’m knocking on wood to get my design right, I write down drafts of posts -mabye to come.

    I also uses the draft-function to save stuff/text, such as a html/css-code I want to use later, small notes to myself or just a quote from somewhere that I want to save for a later post. (I do the same thing in my e-mail..)

    What I miss is to have a kind of “notebook”-function to use for this, so that I can keep the draft-function just for what it’s ment for, and seperate them from other “stuff”.
    (for me it would be natural to put it on the menu under “posts” or on the dashboard)

    I’m not sure you get what I’m thinking of?

    well – at least now the thought is out there, and not in my head as much 😉

    Any thoughts from cyberspace maybe?


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