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    Posting this to save other people the hour of *headdesk* I just had. Yoast has changed the global tracking function from the default ga() to the more unique __gaTracker().

    This is good because it will probably resolve conflicts, but really should have been spelled out explicitly in the changelog, because if you had previously hooked the ga() to track outbound events, you will now get an error & no tracking. You’ll need to update your hooks to call __gaTracker().

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  • How does one update hooks?

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    It only applies if you have written custom javascript to track events (like onclick) like:

    ga('send', args)

    This would need to be changed to

    __gaTracker('send', args)

    If you haven’t written any custom javascript, you don’t need to do anything.

    Very grateful for you sharing your knowledge Sith Lord Goz. Just today I realized that the events were not being recorded. : D

    The Yoast fell a little in my concept with this attitude. Was supposed to have alerted users of the plugin.

    Muito grato por você compartilhar seu conhecimento Sith Lord Goz. Só hoje percebí que os eventos não estavam mais sendo contabilizados. 😀

    A Yoast caiu um pouco no meu conceito com essa atitude. Era pra ter alertado os usuários do plugin.

    it is possible to easily restore functionality by writing

    var ga = __gaTracker;

    into custom code panel? it definitely eliminates javascript errors, but i’m still seeing event tracking flatline.

    __gaTracker is ridiculously noisy to write everywhere.

    I also ran into this issue with a ga() setting that I used with the Contact Form 7 plugin. When I realized that the contact form didn’t work anymore I saw an “ga is not defined” error in the browsers console. When I checked the analytics snipped I noticed it now used __gaTracker() rather then ga(), I simply tried it and it worked. It was only after some more research I found this thread.

    Thanks for posting and yes, I do agree that this should have been spelled out in the release notes.

    Cross post to the Contact Form 7 plugin issue I had after this change

    Good catch, thanks for this!

    Wow, I understand this is a free plugin, but this is a terrible lack of notification on Yoasts part. I just wasted 40min just trying to figure out why some javascript on my website wasn’t working. I hadn’t updated Yoast’s plugin in a little while. After updating I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until a client of mine mentioned random problems with my website. I checked the changelog before finding this thread and there’s absolutely NO reference to this change.

    I have the same issue :-/

    For some reason I can’t find __gaTracker().

    It’s not under window. or document.

    Just before I uninstall Yost – anyone has any idea what function I can use to have the Google analytics usability?

    Looking at Yost’s code I can’t find where he creates a global variable that can be used on the page:
    <script type=”text/javascript”>

    var _gaq = _gaq || [];
    _gaq.push([‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-47749701-1’]);

    (function () {
    var ga = document.createElement(‘script’);
    ga.type = ‘text/javascript’;
    ga.async = true;
    ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl&#8217; : ‘http://www&#8217;) + ‘’;
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];
    s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);



    Tried __gaTracker(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Contact Form’, ‘Send’); and still doesn’t work.
    Is it not allowed to use ‘Contact Form’?

    Your code doesn’t use __gaTracker
    Maybe it’s different if you don’t enable universal analytics in Yoast. Try the original one mentioned here:

    Tracking Form Submissions with Google Analytics

    @john-pierre Cornelissen – that did the trick!

    1. I activated universal tracking.
    2. Changed my ga() call to __gaTracker.
    3. Moved my jQuery.on() to the bottom of the page (using some plug-in).

    Works like a charm 🙂

    I am actually not using it for contactform7 – just for my own buttons.

    Thanks a lot!

    @behemothkind glad I could help!

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