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  • I know that the_author() coughs back the name of the author – but what is the underlying variable?

    I want to be able to note when a post is from a guest blogger so I was trying.

    <?php the_author() ?>
    <?php if (some_variable != my_name_or_id) { echo ", Guest Blogger";} ?>

    Wasn’t sure what my choices were for the author variable of a certain post as well as my own variable as an author.

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  • I had tried

    <?php the_author() ?>
    <?php if (the_author() != "My Name") { echo ", Guest Blogger";) ?>

    And instead of using the_author() as a variable in the comparison – it outputs the_author() – showing it twice.

    What causes this problem is the fact that the_author() actually outputs text instead of returning a variable for usage. Try something like this:

    $variable = the_author();

    and then use $variable for the comparison. It probably won’t work. But at least you tried!

    Same result:

    Posted by <?php the_author(); ?>

    $author_name = the_author();
    if ($author_name != "My Name") echo ", Guest Blogger";

    Still produced My Name My Name for me and then Author Name Author Name, Guest Blogger for the non-me bloggers.

    Any other ideas?

    The problem is that all of the author template functions echo. The solution: output buffering.

    $my_author = ob_get_contents();
    if ($my_author!='My Name') { echo ', Guest Blogger'; }

    This will output the_author once and then append ', Guest Blogger' if the author is not 'My Name'.

    Alright – now I get to learn about output buffering – thank you for the link and help… gonna go try out the code now – be back in a few minutes to report back.

    Holy crap it worked! Thanks!

    Added to wiki:

    I don’t believe it. I’ve been Kafkaesqui’d.

    An easier solution:

    Figure out what your author ID is. Say it’s 2.

    if ($post->post_author != 2) { echo ', Guest Blogger'; }

    Output buffering is neat, but a bit overkill here.

    Thanks – I’ll fix the wiki entry.

    (20 seconds later)

    Oh, you already did! Thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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