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  • I searched for a comparison of these two social bookmarking plugins and couldn’t really find one.

    I’m interested in using one of these two for my blog.

    I guess I’m wondering if people would be willing to share whether they prefer Notable or Sociable and why.

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  • I’m going to bump this DOA thread to give it one more chance for discussion….

    I noticed in another thread —

    — that Yosemite said he has switched from NOTABLE to SOCIABLE because he couldn’t get his pages to validate with NOTABLE.

    Again, would those who have used both be willing to make a brief post about the pluses and minuses of these two similar plugins?

    I used Notable for a quite some time earlier this year. Even validated with it (CalEvans was VERY patient with me one day).

    Later I switched to Sociable as I liked the direction he seemed to be going with it (and I was easily able to extend it to add some social site that I wanted).

    And then, for reasons long lost, I removed it as well. I think it was when I realized my posts just tend not be all that compelling to others who aren’t me. 😉

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