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  • The short story: Thumbnails generated by Timthumb, and some ads that are installed through the media widget are not showing up on the home page of the local XAMPP copy of my live site. All template images work and all images are showing up inside posts, but not on category pages or the home page.

    The long story: So, I’m trying to do a little theme development for a live site I currently run. I decided to install XAMPP on my OS X box and move the site over. I installed XAMPP and WordPress locally. It shows up at /localhost/website just fine. Everything seems to work just great.

    In phpmyadmin for the live site, I exported all tables/fields of my database, and used FTP to transfer all of my wp-content folder to my local drive. I moved wp-content into my localhost wp-content folder, went into my local phpmyadmin and dumped the database records from the local install, took my live site database export and did a find/replace for and replaced it with localhost/website then went and hit import to bring in my live website’s database through phpmyadmin.

    Boom, working localhost site – the splitting image of my live site. Except no article images on the homepage, and no ads on the home page. All template images show up fine, and all single post pages show the images the thumbnails were generated from. It’s only thumbnails on the homepage/category pages that don’t show up. The thumbnails are generated with Timthumb in this template. However, I’m not trying to generate any….just view them.

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  • Turns out this was an issue with PHP versions and the version of Timthumb I had installed with the theme. I replaced timthumb.php with the newest version and everything works again.

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