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  • The added features of this plugin do not justify the performance penalties this plugin introduces to WordPress sites. On my installation, enabling JetPack with just the stats enabled caused a major increase in page load times. Using the P3 plugin from GoDaddy, I could pin it down to Jetpack:

    Plugin list:
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – 0.0024 sec – 1.26%
    Akismet – 0.0021 sec – 1.11%
    Gpp About You Widget – 0.0009 sec – 0.45%
    Gpp Base Hook Widgets – 0.0019 sec – 0.99%
    Gpp Slideshow – 0.0157 sec – 8.14%
    Gpp Testimonials Widget – 0.0007 sec – 0.36%
    Gpp Welcome Message – 0.0111 sec – 5.76%
    Jetpack by – 0.1318 sec – 68.53%
    Reveal IDs – 0.0052 sec – 2.72%
    Social – 0.0056 sec – 2.93%
    Twitter Tools – 0.0149 sec – 7.75%

    With Jetpack enabled, the impact of plugins to load time was 48.77%. Once I disabled Jetpack, that value went down to something like <2%.

    Jetpack is garbage and the name itself is bitter irony when you look at the performance impact of using it.

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  • Thanks for the useful information. I agree, JetPack is a definite performance hit to a site.

    It’s a pity that this and other major issues can’t be worked out by the devs. This plugin does have some great features, but the performance hit and direct tie to is a deal breaker for me.

    Thanks for this, was considering and now not!

    It’s only a real performance hit if you don’t take the time to deactivate the modules that you don’t want, with other factors taken into account such as if you are on a shared server, or you haven’t optimised your site very well (assuming you aren’t using plugins that are inefficient or otherwise are poorly coded).

    It sounds to me you have bigger problems.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    First of all, thanks for your feedback.

    I think the fact that Jetpack is 68.53% of plugin load time when it’s enabled for you makes sense if your other plugins don’t do much. Jetpack does a lot. Also, saying that “the impact of plugins to load time was 48.77%” but down to <2% doesn’t necessarily indicate a performance problem. Look at the bigger picture. Your report says that Jetpack took 0.1318 sec to load and that seems pretty fast to me, especially considering all the things Jetpack can do.

    Still, you’re absolutely right when you mention that Jetpack has an impact on the performance of your site. We are continuously working on improving the performance of the plugin, and feedback like yours shows us that we still need to make some progress.

    If you think 0.1318 sec is too slow, try disabling some of the Jetpack modules to see if it helps, as Gemma suggested above. You could also look into server optimization. At the level of milliseconds, how fast your database runs and how much your server is optimized are important factors that could help if you want to keep the benefits the plugin gives you.

    Of course, if you experience performance issues on your site after enabling Jetpack, we’d be happy to have a look at it and see if there is something we can do to help. You can contact us by sending an email to, and you can of course start a new thread in the Support forums!

    Hi guys,

    Author of P3 here (and jetpack user). I had a similar question in the P3 support forums here. I thought my reply might help, so I’m quoting it here.

    A quick note about Jetpack … it pulls stats info quite frequently (every page load, I think) for the admin user. This is where a lot of the load time is coming from.

    For an anonymous user (or a user who can’t see Jetpack stats), this wouldn’t happen. I would recommend profiling with a manual scan and using a different browser (or, if you’re in Chrome, use an incognito window) to surf your site as an anonymous user.

    You should see a different view of your site that way.

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