• It promises so much but fails to deliver. Everything about this says it should be a really good plugin. I bought the licence but after several attempts, I failed to get it working the way I wanted and had to abandon it.
    The docs part of the site needs a serious overhaul as its next to impossible to find the answer you are looking for. Support is practically non-existent, I can understand that you can’t get an answer immediately or indeed sometimes you have to wait a day or so, but with this, you could be waiting a week for an answer,(even then it might not some) chances are you would have given up by then or found a workaround.
    I think there is definitely the potential for a good product here, however I went back to bookly and have had no issues since
    My biggest regret is not looking for a refund for the lifetime licence within the 30 days, I now have a lifetime licence to a product I doubt I will ever use.
    Im going to give 2 stars simply because if you want a very basic booking feature then this will work. However it loses points for being so difficult to set up, understand and the lack of support. It doesnt just work out of the box the way it promises

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  • DSecomb


    Same thing happened to me. I asked for a refund three weeks ago and still haven’t heard from them.

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