• I used to think this plugin was okay but lately it has cause more problems than it’s worth. The plugin folder is quite hefty, weighing in at 28MB. 28MB? Really? I had to manually upload a working version to a website and it took nearly an hour to do so. There are better options that I would consider before using this plugin. The reviews rave about having great support but if you think about it, if the plugin was so awesome you wouldn’t need support in the first place.

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  • Plugin Support Beda


    Hello, @intarwebsdeveloper.

    Toolset Types, when you download it from here, or WP Types, will be a zip of 7.8 MB on your volume.

    This is also fastly uploaded to the server or via the WP Admin panel to the Plugins folders and installed/activated.

    I cannot see that you have had any issues open with us here, perhaps you have tickets in the Free Types Forum?

    If so, can you point me to them, so I can see what kind of issues you were hassling with, how I could help you and also how we could improve?

    I would like to help you with the issues, in appropriate Forum Tickets.

    The reason a Plugin also requires Support, as in any other Software out there, is as well to pass on How-To knowledge and eventually solve inevitable issues or even bugs.

    Thank you for choosing Types!

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