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  • This used to be my polling system of choice for for-fun polls, but they got way too greedy in recent years. I’ve removed all of my polls that use OpinionStage since then.

    – Uses shortcodes for WordPress websites.
    – You can put polls in other non-Wordpress websites through iframes or scripts so you can have one poll across multiple websites.
    – Easy to use and customize.
    – Decent templates.

    – You need to register to create polls.
    – It’s from a third-party website so it’ll load resources from them, affecting PagesSpeed scores.
    – 250 views/month, and that’s for every time a poll is loaded. I forgot what happens if the limit is reached since I already removed OpinionStage a long time ago, but either the poll won’t load or will not be usable. You’re out of luck if you put a poll (or more!) in a high traffic page like your home page. For Starter (I didn’t get this), it’s 10k views/month. My website gets at least that many views so… $20/month is too much for for-fun polls. If you still want to use OpinionStage, well, you better hide them under Read More Tags or unique pages just for the poll. Oh, and you need to be on the Starter plan to even see how many people actually viewed the poll.
    – Ads! Naturally, they don’t mention this in the “features” list nor can Free users disable it. I can’t hate this too much since I was using OpinionStage for free though.
    – They’ve steadily reduced the features for Free users throughout the years.

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