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  • This appears to be a great plugin and has a lot of potential. As others mentioned, I had a problem with it crippling the entire site as well. It took about 7 or 8 installation tries to get it running 100% smoothly. If you purchase the pro version you have to install two plugins in a very specific way which I did each time….8th time is a charm?

    The support that comes with Pro sucks. I’ve had a problem with a small part of and posted to their support forum. The first “solution” screwed up my site so bad I had to reset all the settings and spent half the day getting it back to where I had it. The second “solution” was to read all their instructions again. Which would be great but when you click on one page to the second page, find the specific thing you want on the second page, click on it and it takes you back to the first page. And YES I did read directions BEFORE I asked. There was NOTHING on there about anything remotely near my problem. And in the end, after 3 days of all this CSS code and creating and renaming PHP files, I quit and went into my Wordpess settings and with one click fixed it all.

    There are better calendar apps out there, I suggest you find one.

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey there MuthaF. Thanks for taking the time to write this review…while we’re obviously bummed to receive a 1-star review (particularly for something that doesn’t sound like a codebase problem so much as an integration issue specific to your site), this is the type of feedback we learn the most from. We appreciate you putting this together as it will help us get better as an organization. A lot of the times when someone doesn’t like the plugin they’ll move on without providing much insight as to why; thanks for not being one of them.

    While I’d definitely be interested in hearing more from you about how it crippled the site entirely – as that’s usually caused by any number of issues, ranging from a hosting limitation to a conflict with another plugin/theme – I can see how that’d be enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Specifically after 7 or 8 attempts to install. Honestly I can say with certainty that I’d have probably given up after the second try 🙂

    I do slightly take issue with your claim that the support “sucks,” as there are admittedly thousands of customers on the forum archives there who have had experiences that suggest otherwise. But anytime we fail someone – as we failed you here – it’s bad news. To that end, if you would be willing to share the “solution” that screwed up your site, I would be happy to review it and talk to the team if it turns out they are indeed providing fixes. Based on the comment here I can’t tell if this was a snippet that just didn’t work, user error in attempting to implement it, or something in between. But if the team is passing out information that is wreaking havoc that’s something we need to change so others don’t wind up in your position down the road.

    All that to say, sorry the plugin failed to live up to your expectations. It sounds like you’ve found another solution that better meets your needs, which is great – and while it’s totally understandable if you’ve moved on and have no interest in helping us improve here, any insights/links you can provide to help me help our team get better, we would really appreciate it.

    Either way, best of luck with your projects going forward.

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