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  • Hi!

    I cannot get this plugin working on WordPress 4.7: the dialog to select a picture with “Network shared data” is working, but this should not be saved correctly, because my theme (Customizr) cannot get the selected featured image. Any idea how to solve that?

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards

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  • Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi pedubreuil, I’ll have to install the Customizr theme and have a look what is the issue. Thank you for letting me know about it

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    P.S. I have installed Customizr and checked it on WP 4.7. Everything works fine on my side. Maybe there is a conflict with another plugin?

    Could you disable plugins one by one and check on each disable if the problem got fixed?

    Thank you for your reply.
    After several tests, I confirm you that my issue is linked to this plugin. Here are details to reproduce my issue:

    1) before activating the plugin, add a featured picture to a post
    2) go to /wp-admin/customize.php
    3) go to Customising ▸ Content : home, posts, … ▸ Post lists : blog, archives, …
    4) in the section “POST LIST DESIGN”, select “grid layout”
    5) in the section “THUMBNAILS OPTIONS”, check “Display the post thumbnails”
    6) go to the home page: you see the posts in squares, with the featured picture as background

    7) go to Customising ▸ Content : home, posts, … ▸ Single posts
    8) set Post thumbnail position = “After the title”
    9) go to the detail of the post: you see the featured picture just below the title

    10) activate the plugin
    11) go to the home page: the featured picture in the square has disappeared!
    12) go to the detail of the post: the featured picture below the title has disappeared!
    13) go the the post previously modified
    14) select a featured picture in “Network shared data”
    15) go back to the home page: the featured picture is still not displayed
    16) go to the detail of the post: the featured picture below the title is still not displayed

    Thank you very much in advance!
    Best regards

    I have the same issue with another theme and using multisite, the other sites will not pull the featured image id. using get_post_thumbnail_id(); the thumbnail id is always 1 when using the following.

    $postId = get_the_id();
    var_dump($postId );
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    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi both, I have reviewed the Customizr theme and I see it does use some complex code for setting thumbnails.

    I am only using the classic WordPress Plugin API to handle the rendering of a thumbnail. When I have tried it with the WordPress classic themes (made by the team behind WordPress) and a theme I have made, it works out as intended.

    I can’t guarantee it will work on each theme since some of those are coded differently. Some might be coded with custom code which is not following the WP standards or it has a different logic behind showing the thumbnails.

    I’ll try to find some extra time to get to know how the logic behind Customizr works so I can maybe implement some custom logic for it to work on it, but that will require me some time which I have to find:)

    @bowenac: could you say the theme’s name so I can check it out also.

    Thank you both once again for letting me know about the issues.

    Impreza theme



    Hi @ibenic,
    I would also like to add my contribution here:
    I use the theme Dyad and it also doesn’t show the picture when using your plugin.
    I also use WP 4.7.3
    When I disable the MU Featured Image plugin, all works.

    I would like to say that if your plugin would work, it would be sooo cool!
    I really like it’s features.

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi Cor,

    unfortunately, I see that the theme Dyad doesn’t use the preferred way of displaying the thumbnails so that is why this plugin won’t work with your theme.

    This plugin uses the function the_post_thumbnail to return the HTML ( Since your theme also does not use this feature but uses their own custom one, this plugin can’t work with it.

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi bowenac, I assume the same for your theme. Since it’s not a free but a premium theme I can’t be sure to look at the code.

    I have tried my plugin with several themes that do use the appropriate function and that works as intended.

    If the theme is coded differently, the plugin can’t generate the appropriate image.

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