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  • Hi galenking,

    As mentioned in our sticky thread (, we unfortunately are unable to help with with customization, styling or integration issues not caused by bugs with The Events Calendar. You have a few options:

    1. Check out our extensive support resources and try to figure it out on your own: &
    2. Hire a developer to assist you. We’ve got a list of freelancers who know our code and who we can vouch for. Email us (pro at and we’ll pass that list your way.
    3. Purchase a Pro license to get more support: As mentioned in the sticky thread, we can provide both a deeper and more frequent level of support for PRO users.

    I hope that helps and good luck!

    – Jonah

    The plugin has a defect that makes it conflict with Canvas, a widely used parent theme/”framework.” Don’t expect customers to buy the plugin in a malfunctioning state to support it being fixed.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Hi Dan,

    We certainly don’t expect people to buy the plugin if it doesn’t meet their needs or doesn’t gel with other essential components of their theme – and indeed we encourage trying out the free, core plugin to get a sense of how well or not it meets their needs (for many people, after all, the core plugin is all they ever need).

    I would take exception with the assertion that it is in a malfunctioning state, however, just because it doesn’t work out of the box with a single theme – regardless of how popular that theme/theme framework might be. It’s simply impractical to test for and guarantee compatibility with every single theme, commercial or otherwise, in existence out there, many of which can fairly be described as being in wide use.

    Right now I have no idea if your issues are the same as those of the original poster or not: what I’d suggest though is respecting forum rules and creating a new thread of your own with a concise summary of the issue you are facing.


    Sorry, I was responding to Jonah recommending purchase of the commercial version to get support to help fix this bug.

    WooThemes’ Canvas is a very well-known, well-established commercial parent theme or “framework,” probably #2 after Genesis. There are hundreds of thousands of people using these frameworks to build multiple sites. The frameworks advertise their support for major plugins, and the better plugins often do the same. I can understand picking one framework to support, but viewing it as impractical to test on any of the major ones does not make sense to me. I’d like to use your plugin and pay for support and development that is going to keep it working well with the other software it interacts with.

    I’m experiencing the same problem using the canvas theme and event calendar plugin.

    Same problem here and EXTREMELY frustrated by it. I spent a huge amount of time researching new themes, buying Canvas, customizing it endlessly, and now my Eventbrite Pro ticketing feature doesn’t work (which is my main sales generator). Please advise.

    Are there people out there who have made EB Pro work with Canvas??

    Problem fixed … simply had to go to Events -> Headings -> Display and change the Events Template to “Default Events Template”.

    Sorry to bother.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    @jasonkallsen: glad you’re sorted!

    @Frenkie: you have created a thread of your own for this which is the correct course of action – so let’s pursue your issues there: thanks!

    @dan: just for clarity, I would only add that I did not write that it is impractical to test on any of the major themes (in fact, we do) and that certainly wouldn’t make sense. What I wrote was that it is impractical to test for and guarantee compatibility with every single theme – there’s quite a difference.

    Despite our efforts, problems can and do fall through our QA process. We’re really sorry about that and try hard to avoid issues that will cause our users problems, but we’re not infallible.

    As a general point for all: we’re happy to help out here as best we can – but please bear in mind this thread is something like 7 months old. It’s generally preferable to create new threads of your own (per forum guidelines) rather than adding to dormant ones created by other users.


    I’ve been really, really frustrated with this plugin and trying to use it with WooThemes/ Canvas. It has shot three of my projects in the foot, by which I mean, created tons of extra work that chips into my project bottom line.

    It really doesn’t make sense not to pay extra attention to WooThemes compatibility when you sell WOOTICKETS. You’re automatically putting out a honey pot for WooThemes customers. Why woudn’t you go out of your way to ensure basic compatibility with their flagship theme? This comes up all the time and was a huge problem when the WooTickets upgrade came out.

    It’s a terrible business decision, and exceptionally frustrating. Unless this gets fixed, as soon as someone else makes a tickets for WooCommerce extension I’m never referring clients to Events Calendar again. You can rest assured that other Woo developers will do the same. The only reason you can have this flippant an attitude about Woo compatibility is because you basically have a monopoly on an events extension right now, but that certainly won’t be the case forever.

    I’m not meaning to be excessively aggressive, but you have no idea how much this impacts our lives as developers, and being repeatedly rebuffed (in support tickets I have created when relevant to a project) by saying that you can’t ensure compatibility for Woo’s flagship theme when you sell WooTickets is just absurd. That’s a catch-all, rhetorical device, a scape-goat, it doesn’t make sense in the real world to not make an exception when Canvas is widely used by your overlapping customer base with Woo.

    FWIW, I came back to this forum to look at the status of a related thread about issues with Canvas. There’s been no progess on that thread. I had a site 99% ready to move to production, including this plugin, when an update to TEC came out – and broke the site. I had to yank it and replace it with a product I don’t like as much, but at least it works. Kaitlin has a valid point, I think.



    Forum Moderator

    As suggested above:

    but please bear in mind this thread is something like 7 months old. It’s generally preferable to create new threads of your own (per forum guidelines) rather than adding to dormant ones created by other users.

    AND in the forum guidelines:

    Please start a new thread if you have an issue with the current version of this plugin. If it’s relevant, feel free to include a link to this thread.

    And do keep in mind that this is a FREE plugin with FREE support here.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Thanks, WPyogi.

    I’m not going to comment further in this thread, but by no means are we trying to shut down the conversation – we’re always happy to receive your feedback (MiKemp, KaitlinFNF and everyone) but respectfully ask you do so within the framework of the forum guidelines.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey folks: thanks to everyone for chiming in here, and for sharing their experiences – I can certainly understand everyone’s frustration and we apologize for the poor experience you’ve faced so far. That said, I am a bit uneasy with the tone of some of these comments here and the level of service folks are expecting from a free plugin here on the dot-org repo. There are a few points I’d like to highlight up front on this:

      * Unfortunately – though we’d love to help everyone on every combo of themes and plugins, and definitely would if time and resources abounded – the reality is that there is no way we can guarantee the plugin to integrate nicely with every theme out of the box. There will be conflicts and when they arise, we’ll try to help out best we can. But please understand that a lot of users are happily using Canvas. There have been some issues along the road and we’ve got some snippets to help deal with them. But it’s not like they are out and out incompatible. Indeed, some folks are using both products without needing any help whatsoever. So this isn’t as simple as a widespread, across-the-board problem for all users.
      * We do indeed realize Canvas is a widely popular theme and when it becomes clear our plugin is causing a conflict, we definitely will integrate code to sort that out. We also have a relationship with the Woo guys for common issues such as this so we can pass suggestions for code improvements on their end when appropriate.
      * The attitudes and – I must say – high level of expectation for support here on the forum is a bit concerning. Please understand that this is a free plugin, and you haven’t paid anything to use it. The fact that Barry is clearly trying to help you here and still being met with some hostility is really unfortunate, especially since – without his help – many folks would have to take the traditional route of hiring a developer ($) to get their issues sorted.
      * I’m not sure I understand the relevance or significance of “you have a product that integrates with one Woo product, so you have a responsibility to integrate with all of them”. (Especially since WooCommerce itself does not require Woo themes to run; it works across all themes). That seems to be making an assumption that isn’t really in line with the realities of WordPress development. But that may just be my reading of it.

    Ultimately, if the level of support we provide for the free plugin isn’t in line with your expectations – or if the timeline we’re moving on isn’t aggressive enough for you – it unfortunately does sound like this relationship won’t work out, and a different plugin might better suit your needs. I sincerely wish anyone who takes that route the best of luck with whatever they wind up on.

    Likewise, please understand that we need to return to a generally civil level of discourse here – realizing that we’re working with websites, not bombs or rockets or anything where people’s lives are at stake. If we can’t meet each other halfway and maintain a base level of professionalism on all sides, we’ll be forced to remove ourselves from this thread entirely.

    Thank you all for your use of the plugin and for understanding our position on this. If you have further questions or feedback you’d prefer to keep off the forum, know that I’m listening…you can reach out to me personally via email (rob @ at any time.



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    @roblagatta – I’d be happy to close this for you?

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