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    Not sure if this is a configuration issue or what but I’m trying to use this with Plugin Organizer. I disabled Woocommerce Cart globally then enabled it on just the page that i’m using it on however the ajax cart is not updating. Disabling this plugin results in the Woocommerce Cart plugin working again. Perhaps it has something to do with Ajax, not sure. I don’t see any errors in the console to diagnose.

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  • I saw in another thread someone had similar issues with an ajax plugin. I see when clicking on the add to cart button in the network tab it’s calling the homepage and appending this url: ?wc-ajax=xoo_wsc_add_to_cart. Is that something that needs to be excluded then or do I need to enable the plugin on the homepage? The latter isn’t ideal because it’s a shopping cart icon and I don’t want that on the homepage not to mention I actually redirect my homepage which probably would cause an issue with this too.

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    Yes. You’ll need to create a plug-in filter with the homepage url set as the permalink and enable woocommerce on it. Woocommerce Ajax calls use the homepage url as the Ajax endpoint.

    Thank you. I wound up figuring this out but having some issues now with the cart pop up showing on every single page. This isn’t ideal because this more or less is a site I use to create misc landing pages and only this one specific page should have a cart on it and all the others one have it showing now. I guess this is because I have “affect children” on?

    The url I added:*

    Any suggestions for having it not show on all the other pages? Globally it’s disabled.

    I disabled fuzzy url matching and made the url specific: wc-ajax=add-to-cart and that seemed to resolve the issue with it showing on other pages.

    Having another issue perhaps you can help with. This was all working on my staging domain then all of a sudden now it’s not working with selective plugin controls on another domain. I double checked that the PluginOrganizerMU.class.php was in mu-plugins and it is, yet when I turn this plugin off on global and then on within it’s page it does not show up. Any suggestions?

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