• I’m not giving a 1 star out of frustration or annoyance, but to get the developer’s attention. In my case I uploaded 377 images using FTP. They are all in webp format. The extension is recognized by the plugin. After “Select & Register” the images are registered. However, when I go to the library, all I see are empty frames with the file name of the images, plus an extra string that is probably added by the registration process. If I want to use the plugin “Regenerate Thumbnails” to create images so I can see them in the library, it won’t work. The string appended to the file name prevents the plugin from finding the original file on the server. I hope that with this information the developer can improve his plugin. I`m happy to change the amount of stars when this issue is solved. Thank you for your contribution.

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    Please stop posting like this. I’m not writing plugins for review.

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    When you create plugins and share it with the public, the public assumes it does what you describe. Your plugin apparently does not work with the webp format. Whether it’s me or the plugin, we will never know if you don’t comment properly. If you don’t want to comment on that, that’s your right. But I have the right to express my positive criticism whenever I want to. Someone who wants to use your plugin for the same purpose as I wanted to use it for, has the right to know whether your plugin does what it says in the description. You should be thankful that people take the time to give you some feedback. 15 people before me gave a review and you don’t respond to that. I’m the only one who gives you 1 star and also explains why. If you don’t like reviews, ask WordPress to remove the “add review” button. Or at least let us know in your description that you don’t appreciate reviews.

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    This plugin works with webp. Please see the video below.
    If it does not work, it is a problem with your WordPress.



    Can you unregister files? I accidentally registered CSS files. It would be a good option to disallow certain files.

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