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    Hi again,
    I found that it’s working only for two sites, but not more. I’m testing with a setup of 3 sites.
    I can see that in the User Session Synchronizer panel, when i highlight (select with mouse) all 3 or more domains in the list of domains, there is a fine line after the two first domains. And when i have more than 3 domains listed there, that line appears after each second domain, as if it shows that it’s only coupling two domains together.
    The new user isn’t added to any of the other sites when adding more than 2 sites in the list of domains (it even doesn’t add it to the second site, unless i delete all domains over 2)
    I’m hopeful on a quick fix, because i just have changed the whole setup of sites for the customer, and can’t afford to tell (again) that this setup won’t work…

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  • edit: it’s working now finally. The issue turned out that it’s not enough just to login after registration for the first time on that particular domain; you have to do some more action (clicking of some button in my account) and only than the new user is being send to the other sites.

    Now off to find out why the first and last names aren’t copied to the other sites though…

    editing email or other user profile stuff doesn’t copy to the other sites at all :/

    Plugin Author rafasashi


    Hello PetrP,

    The plugin synchronizes only the user email not the name and other user data.

    My advise is to use the same login page with redirection parameter across the network.

    This will allow you to centralize the data in one place.

    Hi Rafasashi,

    yes I did so: set up a third domain for registration and login, to than forward the user to one of both real sites.
    The thing is that when the user updates the user email, it’s not synchronized either.
    Besides, those two sites have shops, so the user needs anyway to twice fill in all details in each shop when buying the first time; that includes even first and last name. But I understand this isn’t part of this plugin. Just the user email should be synchronized, but it doesn’t unfortunately.

    Plugin Author rafasashi


    Indeed you have reached the limit of session synchronization.

    There is some plugins out there providing user data synchronization but my advise is to not give this option to your users.

    If you need the user to change a contact email you might consider using another field for that and collect 2 emails. One for password recovery and one for contact.

    The reason why you can’t allow them to change the email is because the email is the unique identifier of a user, the user ID could vary from one database to another and so does the password and/or the name but not the email.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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