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  • Thank you for your feedback – i just wished you would first submitted it on the support forums instead of low-staring it in the reviews.
    If you just wanted to promote you own plugin ( which for sure is great ) you also could leave me a note and i would be happy to do so 🙂

    How large are those large files you’re talking about? I tried it up to 2048k and it worked well – althought it was on my local environment. As a workaround i could think about implementing a “last 500 lines” option for big files if it would help.

    oh sorry,

    i will rate your plugin higher 😉

    I tried it with, 8MB, 60MB and 1600MB.

    Maybe you have a look at:
    I solved this problem by reading only the last lines of the debug-file.

    You should rate it as you like/dislike it. What i meant was, that it would be better to do this conversation in support threads.

    You really have log files bigger than 4086k? Hell, i couldn’t even manage logs a little smaller than 4M but 60 or 16GB is just insane oO How you manage that Debug environment without rolling logs?

    Anyway as i sayed before i will look into loading only the last x lines for big files.
    I dont like to include a dedicated “Settings Page” for options like Filesizes or ammount of last lines as i would like to keep the Plugin simple as possible as it is only a helper for debugging/development – but i think a already have a idea.

    Thanks for your feedback. I like the way you displaying the messages – i thought in this once too but discarded it in favor of simplicity.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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