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  • To start with, I love this plugin! My only problem right now, is that it messes up the subscription plugin (ggis-subscribe). I use this plugin to help people subscribe to my ezmlm maillists. Unfortunately, something in the (WP Better Emails) plugin is keeping the subscriptions from going through. It is possible due to the html “wrap”. Is there a way to make another plugin ignore the html “wrap” and just send the email out like normal?

    I know that the (WP Better Emails) plugin allows emails to be sent in both html and plain text, but it is evidently not “plain text” enough for the (ggis-subscribe) plugin! Please help me if you can! I have put hours into this , and really don’t want to walk away from how good my emails can look with (WP Better Emails)!

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  • Plugin Author hellonico



    I’ve just tested with both plugins and everything seems ok. I received the emails with the template.

    Are you sure this is caused by the plugin ?

    Hey ArtyShow,

    I love the look of the wp better emails template. Works great! Can you recommend a plugin to send emails though? It works for the default emails (like new user registration), but what if I want ot send emails out to users, like a newsletter?

    I tried email users
    but it did not apply the WP Better Emails template.


    Plugin Author hellonico


    Hi tydende,

    Before wrapping the email content with a template, my plugin checks if the format is already HTML. If it is, then it won’t do anything in order to not mess with other plugins that may have decided to format their emails with HTML.
    So try choosing “plain text” when you send emails from “Email users”. Then it should work.


    Thanks man! I appreciate the response. That works.

    One other question, if you don’t mind….
    When using the plugin Email Users, it provides the usual wordpress text editor and the link to upload an image, but when I click that button nothing happens. This is not directly related to your plugin, but are you aware of any plugins that DO allow for an image to be uploaded? Or any reason why this one may not be working?

    I can add that image code to the WP Better Emails layout code, but if I (or more importantly, my clients) could add the image directly to the text box in the email sending plugin this would be everything it takes to send newsletters from the admin panel, which would be awesome.

    Just thought I’d ask, since you have dealt with this more than I. Any response greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for the awesome plugin!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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