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    What OS, apache or php GD library modules need to be installed in order to work with Cyrillic titles? Latin titles work fine. Cyrillic titles generate ???????? or ☐☐☐☐☐ in the thumbs //THANKS

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    I tried updating with different fonts but still the same.
    What free font do you recommend for Cyrillic titles?

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    Можно по-русски?

    Скорее всего проблема в кодировке сайта.

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    Sure, Russian is fine!
    The website is straight WP installation with standard UTF-8 encoding database. Cyrillic titles and posts work with no problem, but the thumb does not generate with readable encoding:

    Post with Latin title

    Post with Cyrillic title


    I thought you would answer in Russian.

    Your site doesn’t open. I checked, the plugin works fine with Cyrillic. Use the standard font from the plugin.

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    IF anyone has the same problem in the future, it has to do with PHP 7.4 still working on finalizing their iconv glitches. Use mb_convert_encoding instead to convert HTML-ENTITIES into true UTF-8 //THANKS

    $auto_image_post_title = mb_convert_encoding(get_the_title($post->ID), ‘HTML-ENTITIES’, ‘UTF-8’);

    $auto_image_post_title = preg_replace(‘~^(&([a-zA-Z0-9]);)~’,htmlentities(‘${1}’),$auto_image_post_title);

    Thanks. We will test this code and include it in the plugin.

    I`m facing the exactly same problem described and solved by @bibliata (PHP 7.4 related encoding issues)

    How can I apply the suggested code to fix some latin special characters not being printed correctly?


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