• Please add to the documentation how to use it with the new website editor. Thanks a lot. Adding the aos attribute to additional css doesnt work.

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  • Plugin Author Arya Dhiratara


    Hey, I don’t know what issues exactly that you’re having with this plugin. But a lot of people are using this plugin, so it must be working as intended.

    I also use it, and it surely working properly.

    1 Star? It’s a free plugin. I wrote the code and submitted it to the plugin repository to help people that might need it. You don’t need to pay any penny to use the plugin. All the documentation you need is in the plugin description. If the plugin doesn’t work for your setup, do some debugging to see where the conflict is, or use the support forum to ask for help.

    First of all thank you for making this plugin!
    I can confirm that the plugin doesn’t work on a fresh new WordPress installation. The problem is that AOS library is not loaded. I had to add it manually using another plugin for adding header and footer code snippets. Then it started working.

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    Plugin Author Arya Dhiratara


    Hi @michaltuma

    Maybe you have the same issue with this? https://wordpress.org/support/topic/add-to-blog-and-archive-template/
    you can also find the solution in that page.

    But I realize something, if I use it on FSE theme (tried it on twenty twenty-three, just now), the assets will not loaded if the page (with the animation) come from the template parts. but manually enqueue the assets using the solution in that page will solve the issue (just remove the conditional *is_archive() if you want the assets to load in all page).

    I will add this info on the plugin description in the next update 🙂

    Thank you

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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