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  • WordPress version: 3.5.1
    Superslider plugin: SuperSlider-Show/SuperSlider-Slimbox
    Plugin version: 2.9/1.5
    I am using 2012 theme for testing with the only plugins I have activeted SuperSlider-Show/SuperSlider-Slimbox.

    I did this: I added a gallery to my page then changed gallery to slideshow. Tried changing default settings and then custom settings. I am now using the code
    [slideshow ids="160,161,159,158,157,156,155,154,153,152,151,150,149,148,147,146,145,144,143,142,141,140,139,138,137" show_type="push" image_size="medium" pop_size="large" height="360" width="420" delay="4000" duration="1200" linked="lightbox" fast="true" captions="false" overlap="true" thumbnails="true" thumbsize="thumbnail" mouseover="true" paused="false" random="false" loop="true" loader="true" controller="false" center="true" resize="true" clear="left" ]

    I expected the plugin to do this: I expected it to work.

    Instead it did this: The page starts out with one images showing then when the time is up and it should change to another image it has the 2nd image show up below the first then they each change on order. As for the thumbnails they are showing alonge the left side of the page that is really off the content area of the page. and they are all listed in a line up and down.

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  • Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray



    Your shortcode looks correct.
    remember, the only required parameter in there is the ids, the rest can be left out if they are the same as your global settings.
    And in fact with just the shortcode [slideshow] your show will work, if the images to show are attached to that post.

    If the thumbnails are vertical along the left then that could be the style of the theme you’ve chosen. That is also how they appear when the css is missing. It does sound like the css file is returning a 404.
    Did you change the file storage?
    and if you did, did you move the plugin-data folder to the correct location (this is not done automatically).

    Do you have a live site which I could review for errors?
    Let me know if the issue is the css.
    ps. version 3.0 of superslider-show will be out be soon.

    Sorry I meant to add this to the first post in fact I thought I did.
    test site

    Thanks it was the plugin-data folder.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    Yep I saw that,
    let me know if you have any issues.

    I have found three other issues.

    The first is the size of the main image is there a way to make it a % size of the original because the way it is displaying now makes my images look off. They are not all the same size some are taller and some are wider I would like to have them about 25% to 50% in the main view then have the full size in the light box view.

    The second and third issue is with the light box itself. It opens fine but it only displays 2 images. At the bottom it says 1 of 2 or 2 of 2 it does not matter if I click on the first image in the slide show or the 3rd it will have that image and either the one before or after it in the light box. The other issue with it is the the close button does not close the light box it just acts the same as the next button. To close it you have to click off the box on the page somewhere.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray



    a way to make it a % size of the original

    add this to your shortcode: resize=”fill”

    lightbox close button,
    change the css in this file:
    line 33 change this top: 0px; to this top: 30px;

    the slimbox lightbox gallery was fixed, but It looks like somethings changed. Hope to have the bug fixed for next version release.

    This is really strange I went ahead and put it into the site I am building and the slideshow is now broke, but the light box shows the correct number of images. I would really like to use this but I need to get it working.

    The above link has another slide show I am testing I put the one I am trying from you on another page.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    Here is a problem.

    SyntaxError: syntax error
    [Break On This Error] 	
    window.addEvent('domready', function() {</p>
    prettify.js (line 4, col 40)

    Found here:

    But the real problem is WP or some plugin wrapping the javascript code for the slideshow in side of p tags:

    window.addEvent('domready', function() {</p>
    <p>			var ssShow530 = new Slideshow.Flash('slide_gallery530', null,{.....

    and a 404 here:
    “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –

    I removed the other slide show if you would take another look at yours and see if it is still giving the same errors and such if it is when I get home I will contact the theme designer because it looks like the issue is with the theme. The other slider comes with the theme that is why I turned it off.

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