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  • For some reason ever since the update on 1.5.3 the VPN blocker has not been working for me. I had it working on version 1.5.2 at
    Then I updated to 1.5.3, and it ceased to work.
    I have been testing with Opera VPN. I even rolled back the plug-in to 1.5.2, and yes, it was working again. I accidentally updated to 1.5.4 version a few days ago and noticed it still was not working in this version again for me.
    Since this is a non-themed login page, I think it would work. I know in a previous post you mentioned it would not work on my theme. Well, I got it to work on the login page just fine in version 1.5.2. Not sure what could be the issue now. Thank you for the thoughts :)!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author rickstermuk


    Hi @mrbrightside1984

    The last few versions have changed nothing relating to VPN detection and it should still function as versions prior to 1.5.2 did, so I’m not sure what your issue could be in this case.

    The most recent versions were adding of a settings key in 1.5.2 that if you update the settings it will set a new random key that past Known Good IP caches are rechecked again under the updated settings and then cached again with the new random key. 1.5.3 was a minor fix for that and 1.5.4 cleaned up a little code (Mostly a couple of typos on the settings page) and implemented continents to the country blocking feature since the API started reporting continent data.

    1.5.2 is not generally recommended to use as it broke the cache check in a way that good IP’s were repeatedly rechecked instead of the IP being cached for 30 mins which means higher than normal queries to the, perhaps not a bad thing if your API Key allows for a lot of daily queries (which is why this issue took almost a couple of weeks to come to light at the time).

    I have tested Opera VPN and another VPN on several of the live sites that I administrate and use the current 1.5.4 version of Proxy & VPN Blocker on and it is working as expected.

    I checked your page at with OperaVPN and another VPN and both are undetected, is your site on 1.5.2 or still 1.5.4? May I also ask what you are using for the login page currently? It looks like WordPress login but styled, I assume you edited its CSS yourself in this case.

    Thanks, Rick.

    Thread Starter mrbrightside1984


    Hey Rick, thanks for the reply. I did not think you changed a ton in those updates that would affect its functionality, but it may be what you said here “1.5.2 is not generally recommended to use as it broke the cache check “. I did notice from looking at scans the phenomenon you were describing as many IPs were being checked multiple times. Maybe, when the Cache issue was fixed a plug-in that would interfere with Cacheing started preventing the blocker from working.

    My login page is a customized version of the wordpress one. I used a plugin to do this: “Admin Custom Login” with a bunch of custom CSS. It was working fine in version 1.5.2, so I don’t think it is this plugin. I had another login page before going this route, but since my theme wasn’t working with the blocker, I went with the default wordpress login page and customized it. I also used this plugin to re-route the login page: WPS Hide Login.

    So I’m guessing there is another plugin likely interfering now. I guess I’ll go through a process of elimination to figure it out. This is the plugin that I most suspect of being a potential culprit: Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster. However, it could be anything I guess.
    Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

    Plugin Author rickstermuk


    Hi @mrbrightside1984

    It does sound like a conflict with something and I am sorry that you’ll have to go through a process of elimination, I know these can be very frustrating.

    I installed Asset Cleanup on my test site and Proxy & VPN Blocker appears to work still so I don’t think it is that.

    Perhaps you have another security plugin that may be preventing some of Proxy & VPN Blocker code from running.

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