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    not sure whats going on but I was told that Wassup wasn’t compatible with the newest version of WordPress but I looked at a site with version 3.5.2 and that wasn’t working either. So I’m not sure what happened but the plugin has stopped working altogether and shows no results. I’m working if any functions have depreciated or if there is something else going on. I’m sure myself and the world using this plugin would love help from someone… anyone… out there that might know how to fix it whether it be just modifying a couple lines of code or whatever. PLEASE HELP US! THANKS!

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  • This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 16 months, I believe we can safely consider it abandonware by now 🙁

    true, I agree. Its a shame, but for those that need help with getting it work, I have found a solution for the time being…

    I had gone in and changed one line in the file named…

    on line 2790
    it says… $delayed=”DELAYED”;//for delayed insert
    it needs to say… $delayed=””;//for delayed insert

    As soon as I saved this file, everything worked just fine again. I hope that helps someone.

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