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  • Now it’s working … the problem seems to be intermittent and random though so far I have only noticed protection appearing on second image in a post and never the first.

    There is nothing random or intermittent. If your images is in browser cache, may not be blocked ! So if you visit the pages first and then look for the image in google search, pictures may not be protected.

    Code is fixed 🙂 not working with “random code” , is like math functions

    result = func(images, known_vars, unknown_vars)

    where known_vars can be referer, user-agent, accept header, and other variables.

    unknown_vars : browser cache, unknow browser-agent, hosting cache like varnish, etc.

    I don’t think you understand I’m NOT talking about google image search or any other hotlinks.

    I’m talking images being blocked directly on my website.

    This is impossible, as long as you sends referrer correctly.

    Referrer can be removed by Incognito Browsers, Addons, Antivirus, Firewals, ISP, Proxy, etc…

    I test and use this plugin every day , over a month and no problems with it !!!

    And now i navigate through to your website, a dozen pages, no problem, nothing !!!
    Incompatibility with Varnish, Lighthttpd, and other “cache” services – Images must not be cached !!! CDN users must ensure that the images served by the CDNS server may be manual updated or have expiration period.

    Beware of those who use the Jetpack. CDN wordpress (Photon) never expire, and the lowest WP-PICShield version that allows Photon to take pictures correctly is 1.8.9.d ! If you are unsure, do not use this plugin. Photon Cache can not be updated, watermark images remain forever (unless you change the images path or filename)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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