• It is not compatible with other plugins. I contacted them & they forced me to change the plugin to make it compatible with their plugin. Their customer support team is rude. They replied when I asked twice & at last, they told me to use a different currency plugin instead of making their plugin compatible.

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  • Hi Alex,

    Your problem is caused by the conflicts with another plugin on your site (a 3rd plugin). We have recommended you to use other plugins which have the same functions as yours and compatible with our plugin, but you refused to use it. You gave the negative comment about other plugins like Ugly and old-fashioned, which is not so kind for the Author efforts (including Themehigh and ThemeComplete Author) to give their products to users, especially it is free for all users here. To save your time, we highly recommend you to use other plugins which is more convenient for your work.

    Best regards,

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    Thread Starter Alex


    No, the recommended plugin doesn’t have the “ajax upload” feature in the paid version & I told you that the “upload part” of that plugin is “ugly & old fashioned, simple old button”. I didn’t talk about that whole plugin. I’m not insulting the developer, I just told truth about that button.

    I gave your plugin a negative review because of your behavior & you also decided not to reply instead of making your plugin better. I know it’s not possible to make it better right now but at least you should take it as a next task. But you decided to change the plugin.

    I will repeat this again – “Don’t force anyone to delete/change any plugin just to make your plugin work.” That’s not a solution.

    First, go & learn some manners.

    Thank you

    Please check again your email, You sent us the email with the content: “Are you going to make your plugin compatible with it or should I delete your plugin?” So to save the time, We give a reply which is convenient for you. It is your choice, we will not discuss it anymore.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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