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  • Purchased the PRO version (PPOM + Google Font & Map) and tried to get it running on my website. Unfortunately several issues could not be solved although reported on N-Media’s client portal. I was promised several times to get an update which would solve these issues, but just got one which did not help at all. After several weeks of asking on and on again for either help or a refund I was promised to get full refund, but then again nothing happend although I had provided all information N-Media was asking for (email + website I had purchased the plugin for). Then I got a partial refund (approx 50 %) – but without explanation why they kept the rest of my money. Instead they deleted my account in the client portal so that I could not post there anymore and deleted my unsolved threads. And no reply on any of my emails I have sent with request for an explanation.

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    well it’s not fair at all. You opened I think four topics and we provided your support and in the end I asked you many time to send me your PRODUCT Page URL but you didn’t and what you sent me a FUNNY email that:

    Extract my URL from email, rather sending me direct page URL :).

    Even I refunded him more than 50% but he is still not satisfied and put his GREETINGS here.

    Well, Thanks Bro.

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    You know pretty well that I confirmed the page we purchased the plugin for more than one time. When I asked you what else you do need I never got an answer. And you promised full refund as none of the few answers you provided helped in any way. But you did not keep the promise, but instead only refunded part of the money. Do you really believe that is fair? When I did not have access to your client portal anymore, I tried several times to contact you by email. But without any reply from you. Then – and really only then I gave a rating here.

    I just confirmed it by email to you one more time

    Interesting. After my last reply here N-Media got in touch with my by email. To make a long story short: I was offered refund of the open amount in case I change my rating from 1-star- to 5-star-rating. I of course rejected as such a behaviour in my opinion makes ratings useless for other users.

    @jdembowski does this offer comply with the guidelines?

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    Not really. That’s being reported to the plugins team.

    @jdembowski – thanks for taking care. If you need more details please let me know.

    Hard to believe, but after all those weeks I have just received the payment of the remaining open amount.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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