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    Attempting to use Annual Archive: Yearly archive type widget. The only thing that posts in the title of the widget and no other data. We have lots of posts that goes back 9 years and don’t see any of the years listed. Browser Inspector shows empty data.

    Not sure what to do here.

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    What settings are you using?
    Are you trying to show posts or some other post type?
    Are there any errors on the page? What about when you turn wp_debug on?
    Are there any JS errors being thrown in the console?
    Have you tried turning off other plugins to see if there is a conflict?
    What happens when you use the standard WP Archive Widget?
    Without a link to the page, I am afraid we can not be of much further assistance.

    Annual Archive Widget Settings:
    Archive type: Yearly
    Format: Link
    Post Type: post
    Number of archives to display: 10
    Sort order: DESC

    No errors in the Browser Console nor in the debug when enabled.

    I’ve disabled other plugins and tested: same result

    The standard WP Archive Widget displays just fine

    Yeah, I wish I could get a link. I understand how much easier this would be.

    Plugin Contributor twinpictures


    ok, this is interesting, indeed… but I have some ideas for you.
    First, let’s verify that the issue is only with the widget, or the entire plugin. See if the shortcode works on a test post:
    [archives type="yearly" /]

    if that does not work, then we have a shortcode conflict. Try using the alternative shortcode ‘arcpromat’, like so:
    [arcpromat type="yearly" /]

    Post back with your results.

    Thank you for being proactive on this, twinpictures.

    Both [arcpromat type=”yearly” /] and [archives type=”yearly” /] on a test post: it does post the years as requested, which is good news. I just don’t understand why it won’t post in a sidebar widget (my other widgets post just find).

    Just a quick update: I was able to use the shortcode in an HTML Widget, which made it work. I guess I don’t understand why the plugin’s widget didn’t.

    Plugin Contributor twinpictures


    We’ll look into the sidebar Widget and get back to you with any findings…

    Thank you.

    Plugin Contributor twinpictures


    Possum… kingdom.

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