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  • Using the TwentyFourteen theme, this plugin doesn’t work out of the box.

    The link drops below the arrow icon and doesn’t revert.

    Even after applying the recommended fixes the link overlaps the arrow icon.

    If the plugin doesn’t work on recent official WordPress themes, the problem is the plugin and not the theme. Fixes shouldn’t need to be applied and even when they are applied, they should work instead of producing a new layout problem.

    I’ve opted for this plugin instead:

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Our plugin does not come in a box. Did you by chance get the copy you installed from a shifty-eyed street vendor?

    Regardless, the plugin does work and updates are thoroughly tested it on the latest WordPress default themes before being released. if others have a similar issue, just open a support thread and we’ll help.

    Our plugin does not come in a box.

    “Working right out of the box” is an ubiquitous figurative terminology. Here’s the WikiPedia definition:

    “An out of the box feature or functionality, particularly in software, is a feature or functionality of a product that works immediately after installation without any configuration or modification.”

    You’ll find over 460,000 results for the “out of the box” terminology in the official support forum:

    In this instance, the expression refers to a WordPress plugin working from the point of installation and activation. Collapse-O-Matic does not. As aforementioned in my review, the link, once clicked, drops beneath the icon and does revert with subsequent expanding and collapsing attempts. You’re already aware of the problem and the modifications you expect your users to have to apply to the resolve how your plugin breaks with the :before and :after classes. Unlike, the AzureCurve plugin, your plugin does not work “right out of the box”.

    You can argue that your user’s choice theme is the problem but let’s be realistic. If your plugin doesn’t work on the official WordPress themes, in my case, TwentyFourteen, then there’s a strong likelihood that your plugin is discrepant and incapable for contemporary theme design standards. The official WordPress themes define the most contemporary theme standards and are therefore the most authoritative litmus test for any plugin developer.

    Did you by chance get the copy you installed from a shifty-eyed street vendor?

    Please clarify what this statement means. Are you sincerely insinuating an allegation that I purchased your plugin from an illegal street vendor or is this an attempt on your part to be aggressive and rude? Why would I even need to purchase a plugin that’s freely available for download via the plugin repository?

    Please clarify why you’ve hyperlinked the words “shift-eyed street vendor” using my profile page as the URL? It implies that I’m the said shifty-eyed street vendor to any other members reading the review.

    Either way, I should be able to leave an objective and constructive review for my open-source peers without the plugin developer retorting with false allegations or insult. Learn to accept criticism with maturity and professionalism.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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