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    The feeds works well on my life server <https://mydomain.com&gt;. But when creating a feed on my staging server (created by the staging-script on Siteground) <https://staging1.mydomain.com&gt;, it no longer retrieves anything!?
    The funny thing is that the “latest 5 feed items” display fine in the “feed preview” section of the “edit source”-page (the feed obviously validates).
    It’s when I do a “fetch items”, nothing happens and the “imported items” remain ZERO.
    When I create the very same feed (verbatim) on my life server. it works!

    I expected that the new url (“staging1”) played tricks, so I deleted the RSS plugin and started from scratch, yet the result is the same. (I also tried with and without https… nothing helps). There is something in my staging environment that RSS aggregator does not like, but I have no clue… 🙁

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  • renzms


    Hi @nickpergoot,

    Its possible your Feed source isn’t being reached and your staging site isn’t allowing for outside connections which is why the feed import is not successful.

    It can detect and read the feed source, but it may not be able to actually pull in anything into the staging site.

    I also ran into this issue, and discovered that WP RSS Aggregator cannot retrieve data from an RSS feed when HTTP auth is enabled. It is strange though, because the preview shows up fine in the feed entry in wp-admin, but it doesn’t do a thing when fetch items is clicked. I had to disable HTTP auth to get it to work.

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