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  • We too are seeing this same behavior on 4.2.2. We’ve used this plugin to great success in the past.

    It looks like it is the bulk processing which is broken, on individual posts it seems to work fine.

    I looked at this, because I modified the plugin to import squarespace images that didn’t have an extension, and noted that the ajax form action posts and receives a list of the articles to retrieve:


    Then it continues in the JS on the var data action:

    action: ‘external_image_import_all_ajax’,

    which goes to the ajax.php file and follows through to the function external_image_import_images.

    It does its thing and appears to go through the whole process without issue, but I modified for a specific use (checking pages as well as posts, looking for a specific extension from a squarespace site) and have no idea if it would work for your purposes. Is there anyone that would like a copy to test and see if bulk processing works for them?

    Hi, I believe that the administrator abandoned the project.

    Coding Concepts please send for me, or upload for we.

    if anyone knows of a premium plugin let me know.

    Sure, try it out here –

    Let me know if there are any issues, I’m familiar enough with it now to make changes. The revisions for squarespace include checking for ?format=original at the end of the image tag, and if it doesn’t detect a .jpg or other image extension it automatically assigns image.jpg as the name of the file (we leave it up to wordpress to auto-increment that). The last modification is checking pages as well as posts, and bulk checking/importing pages as well as posts… as I found that Squarespace handled post imports without issue, but not page imports.

    Most changes are in import-external-images.php.

    Not function… the plugin list but not import automaticaly…

    Hmm, I wonder what the difference is between your installation and mine is. What plugins do you have installed? I basically had just this and the wordpress importer.

    only your.:(

    Let me try it on another site. I had chrome inspector open at the time, and it was giving all of the correct calls and responses… so I’ll see what I can do.

    Sorry Coding Concepts, not working for me either.

    same for me… I have ever the error message “No images imported – you might want to check whether they still exist!”

    Waiting for a fix… Coding Conceptsthank you a lot for the support 😉

    OK that is a different error, so lets backtrack a second here – is anyone willing or able to send me some examples of the content that you’re trying to import? I don’t need everything, mostly just some example image tags that are from your live site.

    We can set the examples up in qsandbox and do live online testing with no other plugins. There are two sections to this plugin, one of them scans and the other imports, so we need to make sure that both are able to read the img tags (and possibly differently formatted img tags like squarespace).

    I’m more than happy to help, it saved me a ton of time so why don’t we get it to the point where it works for everyone?

    I will need other information too, such as your browser, browser version, and the system you’re using it on (Windows, OSX, version/service pack). I’m on Chrome 43 on OSX 10.10.2.

    I suppose that the problem is that the images have an external url with IP LAN instead of a domain, for example:

    Could this be the problem?



    Here is an example of the code I’m pulling from. In my case this is the imported content from typepad:

    <a class="asset-img-link" style="display: inline;" href=""><img class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d83454714d69asdfe201bb081c6fad970d image-full img-responsive" title="notarealimg" src="" alt="notarealimg" border="0" /></a>

    Thank you Coding Concepts for looking into this!

    Give me a little bit to throw it into a sandbox, upload the plugin, and test.

    The SRC on that image however isn’t resolving, and has no extension (the same issue I ran into with squarspace). The plugin does check for image tags, so would fail on that, but that can be bypassed – which introduces a huge security flaw. If you want to import images without extensions we need to check for mime type instead, which I could probably re-write it to do.

    Anyways, visit this link below (this is your img src) – do you have another example that has a src that resolves?

    Devil75, as for your question, there could be an IP issue too – however hard to test, because most IPs have multiple sites on them now.

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