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  • Don’t waste your time! This thing is way out of date and past its prime. It no longer works with current versions of WordPress/BuddyPress. Junk!

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  • Seems like all of your reviews are negative. Do you not have anything constructive to give? Seems like you’re not too familiar with web development.

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    Constructive? It doesn’t work … duh. I cannot see it in action or test it … duh. Do I think it is a cool idea? Sure, if it worked … duh.

    My reviews are spot-on. If I find something potentially cool I’ll try and make it work. I’ll spend time doing my research, sifting through reviews, forums, often contacting the developer for answers, playing with the code a little, but in the end if i’ve wasted a lot of time and effort or the developer fails to come through or even bother to respond, then I share what I’ve found with others. I am blunt and too the point in my reviews, I don’t sugarcoat things, I tell it how it is, plain and simple because I don’t want to see others wasting their time doing the same things I did.

    Furthermore, If I believe the developer has little regard for his project anymore, frankly that ticks me off and my reviews will reflect that. They need to pull the extension or at least warn others that they are no longer supporting the work. If they are honest and upfront, that’s one thing, if I waste my time then it is on me, but to just ignore the project and the end-users is unacceptable. And I will speak my mind on the subject.

    And if you think you know all about me based-upon a whole-screaming 5 plugin reviews, then apparently, you’re a real piece of work yourself. At least I did my research before I opened my mouth.

    Wow, a little hot under your hat there. ‘cough’,’cough’.

    Instead of making a long-winded reply like yours, I’ll make mine a bit simpler.

    umbergerba wrote:

    My reviews are spot-on.

    umbergerba wrote:

    Don’t waste your time! This thing is way out of date and past its prime. It no longer works with current versions of WordPress/BuddyPress. Junk!

    Yep, that sure looks like it’s spot on. ‘cough’, ‘cough’.

    Seems like this would have sufficed without looking like you’re a bit hot under the collar and less credible:

    It seems like it no longer works with current versions of WordPress/BuddyPress.

    How to Leave a Good Bad Review

    Thread Starter B.A. Umberger


    Wow, what a revelation! … I see the light now. Is that angels singing [or coughing], hard to tell from here. But you are right, I will rewrite my review …

    “This thing does NOT work with the current versions of WordPress/BuddyPress. It does NOT lockup WordPress or anything and still uninstalls ok … it simply doesn’t work. The developer hasn’t updated ANY of his extensions in a years with some pushing 3-4 years. I would say this project is dead. I have researched several forums on the web only to find a few fixes for far older versions. So, unless you’re a developer with some extra time on your hands, I would avoid this plugin, However, an experienced developer may find an easy fix … or let us hope so. But currently, getting it to work will be troublesome at best and may require a rewrite of the whole project.”

    There, happy? Isn’t that much better now? I’m sure glad you came along and stirred up the drama with your holier-than-thou judgement calls. It’s obvious that you have nothing better to do either. You have a lot of reviews under your belt, so you must be an expert, I am humbled.

    The best part of all this drama is that in the end, we all have freedom of speech (unless you’re from some communist country) and thus you and I can both say what we please in these reviews unless we cross-the-line then the moderators kick us. So, why don’t you do us both a favor and find something else to do. In fact, I will do us both a favor and unsubscribe from this topic.

    10 to 1 says he replies yet again with more piety, then I get to say “I told you so”.

    I’m not here to pick sides, but there are several things that are important to note:

    1. The BuddyPress Group Dice plugin page specifically states that the plugin is only compatible with WordPress 3.5.1 and BuddyPress 1.7.2.
    2. plugins are all maintained free of charge and are generally open source. If developers choose not to continue supporting them, it may be quite annoying. However, they produced something for free and have no obligation to continue updating the plugins. It’s up to you to see when it was last updated when you research the plugin.
    3. If you’re going to give a review, please give more detail. I am a developer and could possibly work to update this, but I need more specifics about your experience.
    4. Lastly, both of you need to respect the community here. We don’t need to be angry and upset with each other, but rather work together to fix the problem at hand.

    I hope both of you understand this. Thank you.

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