• I join the chorus of “this is super-needed!” However, I’ve added this plugin to a few of my sites on different hosts, and while the “add new” links under “+ new” are there, the others under the site name are most definitely not. I’ve even gone so far as to disable every other plugin but no dice. Is this something that can be corrected?

    PS: I’m sure it’s already been pointed out, but it’s “Add Popular Plugins” not “Popuplar Plugins” (extra P)

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    Huh. Just did some digging into the plugin’s code and it appears that by design it hides the “Plugins” menu below the site name from WP admin screens via an “if” call. That seems counter to my needs as a site admin, so I just commented out if(!is_admin()) and now the menus are there!

    I humbly recommend my solution be the default setting, with maybe a settings option for admins to hide the menu from admins if they so choose.

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