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  • It’s working when I visit your site: No page refresh …

    This custom CSS should fix your sticky-menu-issue:

    #sub-menu { z-index: 8; }
    #sticky-bar { z-index: 10; }

    When you’re posting via inline comment, it doesn’t refresh while posting, but when you click the close button, the page refreshes.

    For regular comment section, it does refresh while posting comments.

    Also the sticky menu issue doesn’t seem to have gone completely.

    Can you please take another look?

    I don’t see what’s wrong with the sticky menu …
    Maybe the opacity of the notification bar confuses you. You can change opacity:

    1. Go to the options panel of WP-Ajaxify-Comments
    2. Insert into the “Opacity (%)” field 100

    Regarding the closing “x”: I will have a look in two weeks or so. Is the “cancel” link working? (The link is not visible right now, so please test it for me.)



    Thanks for the opacity thing.

    I had the “cancel” link enabled and clicking it too refreshes the page.

    Also, when you comment via inline comments, the comment appear only in the inline comment section, but not in the regular comment section, if you don’t refresh the page.

    Plugin Author janjonas



    do the problems still exist? Are they related to the “inline-comments” plugin? If so, Kevin are you working on a solution?

    Best regards,


    The problem persists even with inline-comments disabled. I think it’s a javascript conflict with the theme, maybe?. Would you mind taking a look at it?

    So as I understand it, the conflict is not caused by Inline Comments. Nice to hear. However, I wish you (@samdg) can solve the problem.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, now let’s see if jonas can help resolve the issue…

    Plugin Author janjonas


    Hi, I need to take a look at your page but unfortunately the link seems to be down (it just shows an empty page)…

    Can you check once more? The link seems to be alright from my end.

    Plugin Author janjonas


    Have you disabled the Inline Comments plugin? If yes, please reset all WP-Ajaxify-Comments options to the default settings.

    Hope this helps.

    I am using the Optimizr theme and my web browser is Safari. This is a new blog with 2 entries. I cannot see any comment form after I activated this plug in. I am a newbie to all of this. Help! My site is

    Plugin Author janjonas


    @one4thrd: Do you see a comment form when disabling the WP-Ajaxify-Comments plugin? The plugin just uses the existing comment forms and adds some AJAX-logic, rendering the comment form is not part of the plugin. And please open a new thread if you still have problems with the plugin.

    Hope this helps…



    Hi @samdg,

    I found an issue that will be fixed with the next update (v1.7.1 or higher; not published yet) that might relate to your issue:
    When WP-Ajaxify-Comments is enabled and a comment was submitted, and when then the user wants to close the wrapper using the cancel link or “x”, the page reloads.

    I’m going to implement the following ajaxStop function:

    $(document).ready(handleClickCancel()).ajaxStop(function() {



Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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