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    First installed NoSpamNX about 2 years back and it worked well for quite some time. Not sure when it stopped working exactly, but it’s count stayed at 4342.
    Uninstalled and re-installed it 2 weeks back and while Akismet is sending loads to the spam folder, NoSpamNX has not picked up a single spam comment.
    Does this still work?

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  • Plugin Author kubi23


    I am now at 79042 Spambots since Jan 11th 2011 and counting. Yes, the plugin still works 😉

    After a month of Akismet filling up, NoSpamNX has not picked up a single spam comment.
    And yes, it was activated until today.

    NoSpamNX was working flawlessly since the Feb. 27 installation but it quit working three days ago. ??

    Since NoSpamNX doesn’t provide a history and I haven’t followed the numbers, I am not sure how much it has blocked recently. On two blogs where I have it installed I have to manually handle approx. 2 spams a day on the older one and 1 a day on the newer one. Several months ago the amount of spam let through was several times less, perhaps 2 spams a week.

    I’ve thought this is because some spammers or the tools they use have learned to not fill in the do-not-fill field that NoSpamNX and several other anti-spam plugins generate.

    For the record, NoSpamNX states having blocked 1503 spambots on the older blog and 908 on the newer one. If I’m replying again to this thread on a later date I’ll check if the numbers have changed.

    However, those numbers are great, and even if NoSpamNX would be less useful now than it used to be, at least in comparison to other anti-spam efforts, I wish to express my thanks to kubi23 for providing such a great, effortless and errorless anti-spam protection for free for so long. It has been a great ride and I hope it will continue. To this effect I will make a post about adding a new feature that might improve the effectiveness.

    I am getting over 100 spam comments per day so I had to shut off the comments. Since NoSpamNX worked SO well, I think something broke in my site. I uninstalled and reinstalled NoSpamNX which didn’t fix the problem.

    kubi23, any suggestions?

    My first guess would be a theme or plugin compatibility issue. If you could list the other plugins and the theme you had active when NoSpamNX wasn’t working, that’d be a good start.

    I’m using a custom theme.

    Current active plugins:

    WP e-Commerce
    Google Analytics for WP
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny
    TinyMCE Advanced
    W3 Total Cache (~most recently added – don’t remember if before/after NoSpamNX)
    Wordpress SEO

    Here are the results of my four-day test.

    Older blog

    NoSpamNX spam count had increased from 1503 to 1507: 4 spam messages caught. 16 spam messages had gotten through. NoSpamNX’s rate of spam recognition: 20%.

    Newer blog

    NoSpamNX spam count had increased from 908 to 913: 5 spam messages caught. 3 spam messages had gotten through. NoSpamNX’s rate of spam recognition: 63%.


    9 spam messages caught. 19 let through. NoSpamNX’s rate of spam recognition: 32%.

    Never worked for me for 2 months and I deleted it.

    Why is this marked as resolved?

    NoSpamNX’s rate of recognition dropped considerably a few months ago and hasn’t recovered since. I just labelled manually over a 100 spam messages from the last few weeks for two small sites, so I’m not even wanting to imagine how much some larger sites have to deal with.

    NoSpamNX used to catch very close to 99% of the spam my sites received. It seems that some spam script has been developed to work around NoSpamNX’s tricks, so the plugin’s repertoire could warmly welcome some strengthening.

    The plugin author keeps marking this as resolved and deletes my posts.
    I stopped using this plugin and moved on to Stop Spammers, which stops comment spam, log-in attempts and spam registrations very effectively.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Plugin authors cannot delete any posts but moderators can and do delete bumps and comments that do not contribute to the conversation.

    It’s your topic and you can unresolved it yourself.

    Thanks for the info, Wothers and Jan Dembowski. I’ll give Stop Spammers a shot at the next suitable moment.

    At the moment I’m still hoping NoSpamNX would receive an update that would restore it to its former glory from 2010 to 2012, when it caught nearly 99% of the spam attempts on my small sites. This is still the easiest-to-setup antispam solution I’ve ever seen, and I’d gladly support the author by contributing with ideas, testing and if needed, code to work towards restoring its efficiency.

    Plugin Author kubi23


    I cannot, in any way, delete or edit any posts in this forum – neither would I do it, if I could.

    As for “resolving” this topic: the initial support question was: “Does this still work?”. I can answer this question still with a yes. I’m still using it in a number of blogs and it works. It may not work as good as when it was initialy released, but it definitly still works. So this topic is resolved in my opinion. If its not blocking any spam on your blog than I need more information in order to help you.

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