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  • Here are the problems that I encountered after installing this plugin on our development site:

    • The configuration window popped up after I activated the plugin, but the wizard was just blank, so I was forced to configure the plugin by using the options under the dashboard’s settings.
    • After configuring the plugin, when I brought up an individual post on the desktop and on my cellphone, to my disappointment the plugin displayed the social sharing material FOUR times. The material appeared twice at the end of the post. We also have two iframes in most posts which contain ads, and the sharing material appeared after each iframe.
    • I added five items to the “Follow Bar.” I tried configuring the plugin to display the “Follow Bar” vertically in the “right middle”, but nothing appeared. I then tried to display it horizontally “top left”, and still nothing appeared. Supposedly the “Follow Bar” was configured to display on both the desktop and on mobile devices, but despite being enabled, it appeared on neither.
    • Next I tried inserting a “Follow me/us” widget into my footer. After doing so, only the title of the widget appeared. I tried changing the type of WP Socializer widget, and I found that the social buttons worked, and the Twitter timeline worked.
      However, if I put a WP socializer widget in one area, then tried to put another one somewhere else, the second one “snapped shut”
      before I could configure which type of widget I wanted it to be,
      so I could only use one widget.
    • Under the “Share Buttons” tab of settings, I configured the plugin to “Hide in excerpt”. I assumed that this meant it would not display the plugin on our home page. However, after the “Continue reading…” text, it displayed after every single post on our home page. I assume that this is because our theme uses the_content() function when generating the home page instead of the_excerpt() function. But since each of our posts has a <!–more–> after the first paragraph or so, the home page looks like a series of excerpts. Perhaps the plugin should only be inserting material when a single post or page is being generated, instead.
    • Last but not least, I wish the plugin could be configured to not show any counts. There was a significant delay is displaying the social buttons because not all of them had received data back yet from the various services.
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