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  • – New browser process (Chrome)
    – Ultimate Member plugin Login with Remember Me checked
    – Persistent cookie is successfully set
    – Kill browser process
    – Open new browser process
    – Visit site again
    – Required to login again
    – 2 sessions shown as open at same ip
    – WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are the same in Settings

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  • Plugin Author lukeseager


    Hi there,

    Thanks for using the plugin and apologies for the issue.

    Can you please try ticking the ‘allow duplicate sessions’ option to see if that fixes the issue for you?

    Thread Starter Aggie69


    I currently have 5 sessions open, but I still have to login again at the start of a new session on the same device. I clicked on ‘allow duplicate sessions’, closed and reopened my Chrome browser, still had to login again, and now have 6 open sessions.

    Plugin Author lukeseager



    That is strange. Can I ask what device & operating system your using? And also what browser you’re using.

    I would also try to click the ‘end all sessions’ button, untick the ‘allow duplicate sessions’ button and attempt to login again.

    Thread Starter Aggie69


    Nope, those didn’t help either. Here’s computer info:

    ### Begin Install Info ###

    ## Please include this information when posting support requests ##

    — Site Info —

    Site URL: http://********************
    Home URL: http://********************
    Multisite: No

    — Hosting Provider —

    Host: DBH: localhost, SRV: ********************

    — User Browser —

    Platform: Windows
    Browser Name: Chrome
    Browser Version: 87.0.4280.66
    User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Wi
    n64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KH
    TML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.428
    0.66 Safari/537.36

    —- Current User Details —

    Role: administrator

    — WordPress Configurations —

    Version: 5.5.3
    Language: en_US
    Permalink Structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/
    Active Theme: Twenty Ten 3.1
    Page On Front: Home (#11)
    Page For Posts: Dummy Page (#3367)
    ABSPATH: /home3/************/public_html/
    All Posts/Pages: 213
    WP Remote Post: wp_remote_post() works
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled
    WP Table Prefix: Length: 3, Status: Acceptable
    Memory Limit: 40MB

    — UM Configurations —

    Version: 2.1.12
    Upgraded From: 2.1.5
    Current URL Method:
    Cache User Profile: Yes
    Generate Slugs on Directories: Yes
    Force UTF-8 Encoding: No
    JS/CSS Compression: No
    Port Forwarding in URL: No
    Exclude CSS/JS on Home: No

    — UM Pages Configuration —

    User: http://********************/user/
    Account: http://********************/account/
    Members: http://********************/members/
    Register: http://********************/register-2/
    Login: http://********************/login/
    Logout: http://********************/logout-2/
    Password Reset: http://********************/webmaster/

    — UM Users Configuration —

    Default New User Role: 0
    Profile Permalink Base: user_login
    User Display Name: full_name
    Force Name to Uppercase: No
    Redirect author to profile: No
    Enable Members Directory: No
    Use Gravatars: No
    Require a strong password: Off

    — UM Access Configuration —

    Panic Key:
    Global Site Access: Site accessible to Everyone
    Backend Login Screen for Guests: No
    Redirect to alternative login page:
    Backend Register Screen for Guests: No
    Redirect to alternative register page:
    Access Control widget for Admins only: No
    Enable the Reset Password Limit: Yes
    Reset Password Limit: 3Disable Reset Password Limit for Admins: No
    Blacklist Words: 5

    — UM Email Configurations —

    Mail appears from: ************************
    Mail appears from address: *******************
    Use HTML for E-mails: Yes
    Account Welcome Email: No
    Account Activation Email: No
    Pending Review Email: Yes
    Account Approved Email: Yes
    Account Rejected Email: Yes
    Account Deactivated Email: No
    Account Deleted Email: No
    Password Reset Email: Yes
    Password Changed Email: Yes

    — UM Total Users —

    All Users(110)

    — UM Roles —

    Administrator (administrator)
    Editor (editor)
    Author (author)
    Contributor (contributor)
    Subscriber (subscriber)

    — UM Custom Templates —


    — UM Email HTML Templates —


    — Web Server Configurations —

    PHP Version: 7.3.24
    MySQL Version: 5.7.23
    Web Server Info: Apache

    — PHP Configurations —

    PHP Memory Limit: 256M
    PHP Upload Max Size: 256M
    PHP Post Max Size: 260M
    PHP Upload Max Filesize: 256M
    PHP Time Limit: 30
    PHP Max Input Vars: 1000
    PHP Arg Separator: &
    PHP Allow URL File Open: Yes

    — Web Server Extensions/Modules —

    FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen.
    cURL: Your server supports cURL.
    SOAP Client: Your server has the SOAP Client enabled.
    SUHOSIN: Your server does not have SUHOSIN installed.
    GD Library: PHP GD library is installed on your web server.
    Mail: PHP mail function exist on your web server.
    Exif: PHP Exif library is installed on your web server.

    — Session Configurations —

    Session: Disabled
    Session Name: PHPSESSID
    Cookie Path: /
    Save Path: /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php73
    Use Cookies: On
    Use Only Cookies: On

    — WordPress Active Plugins —

    Advanced Gutenberg Blocks: 1.9.8
    Akismet Anti-Spam: 4.1.7
    Display Posts: 3.0.2
    Display Posts – Date View: 1.0.0
    EditorsKit: 1.29.3
    FooBox Image Lightbox: 2.7.15
    FooGallery: 1.9.37
    PhotoSwipe-Lightbox for FooGallery: 1.0.4
    Search & Replace: 3.2.1
    Simple Social Icons: 3.0.2
    Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg: 1.18.1
    Ultimate Member: 2.1.12
    Website File Changes Monitor: 1.6.2
    WordPress Access Control: 4.0.13
    WordPress Persistent Login: 1.3.12
    wp-forecast: 7.0
    WP Activity Log:
    WP BackItUp Community Edition: 1.38

    ### End Install Info ###

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