Not working at all!!!!!!

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  • Also, i would like to display all my posts on my homepage…

    Plugin Author wlindley


    When using display="posts", you need to specify something in the postid parameter. Try this:

    [autonav display="posts,nothumb,title,list" postid="status:publish"]

    to select from published posts. Or, equivalently,

    [autonav display="posts,nothumb,title,list" postid="status:*"]

    where the asterisk means, “the same status as the current page or post,” i.e., published.

    1×10^99 times: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! it worked awesomely!!!! Now i just need to add some jscript and css to make it a bit more “dynamic”, but this plugin is awesome! loved it! wish i had a brain to program something like this!
    Congratulations for this plugin!

    Plugin Author wlindley


    You are most welcome, and thank you for replying here.

    wlindley: could you, please, answer me something? how could i use autonav to do the same with pages that i did with posts? i need to have specific pages links inside another page and i wanted it to use the autonav once again. i loved the system in this. and, also, i would like to see if i can use some css configuration to make it a bit more dynamic. But i cannot find a way to refer to the tds or to the imgs or to the titles of the posts. When i do so, i end up destroying my other td, a tagged objects. How would i be able to do it?

    sorry the part about using childpages i allready did… now i only have problems with css references…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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