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    Ninja Forms does not work for me. Emails do not get sent, and the confirmation message after sending a form is completely broken. Reverting back to Contact Form 7.

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    I’m not sure this is a fair review if you haven’t yet submitted a support request through the appropriate channels. We’ve never had a request that couldn’t be resolved in some way.

    You did say that it doesn’t work for you which is completely fair but I would rather you gave us the chance to assist you before posting a 1 star review when 34 5 star reviews shows the plugin works and that our support is second to none. Would love the chance to change your mind.

    Alright, fair enough. I just reinstalled Ninja Forms and tried again, turns out I am partially to blame myself.
    Apparently I forgot to set an administrator email address (I figured it would just use the site admin email). Ninja Forms did not give a warning about this, and I could fill out the form on my website without problems, except no email was sent. Seems really strange to me.

    During my first install (after which I rated the plugin), when I submitted the form using AJAX, I ended up at a white page showing nothing but a JSON object. Without AJAX submission, I got a white page that just said 0.
    This did not happen during my second install, but might be something you could look into.

    All in all, my initial reaction turns out to be too harsh. Once you have read this message I will remove my 1 star rating.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Thanks you so much for your consideration and giving us a second chance. Ninja Forms does attempt to use the site admin email but on some hosts (like BlueHost) they require the email to be formatted in a very specific fashion that can sometimes cause an issue (we’re looking into how to make this better).

    The JSON object on output is usually due to a javascript conflict of some sort and even if the conflict has been resolved the issue can be stored in the browser cache. I’ve not seen the white page with 0 ever but might be related to the cache issue.

    Thanks again for the consideration and if there is anything we can help with please never hesitate to submit a support request on our site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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