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    Hi Sybre and SEO Framework team,

    Just want to inquire why much of my products on woocommerce aren’t showing properly on google?

    I have two sites which are currently using the plugin.

    www. swimbikerun .ph and

    www. swimbikerun. ph/shop

    for the main site, everything is working fine and the site’s SEO is doing really good.

    for the shop site, some products doesn’t seem to be searchable on google. Even if the product is unique and our site is the only one selling it.

    It only shows when you add the name of the site which is shop but on pure product search alone, it doesn’t show 🙂

    Is this a premium feature?

    Thank you very much!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hello 🙂

    I can’t tell you why, but I can make a well-educated guess.

    First, every function within The SEO Framework is fully-fledged and all that we could get or want it to be; there are no hidden gimmicks, and we will never hand out partial features only to upsell a “full” or “premium” version.

    Now, there are a couple of reasons why Google doesn’t like your site, and they are for you to resolve:

    1. The site seems to be made up of networks. Make sure all sitemaps are known to Google, this includes sitemap.xml and /shop/sitemap.xml.
    2. The main site has empty pages indexed, like /archives/. Delete those.
    3. The main site has old, useless (example) pages indexed, like /home-2/. Delete those too.
    4. The shop site has old, useless pages indexed, like /shop/portfolio/frozen-trees-in-a-lake-2/ and /shop/product/boxing-gloves-pink/. Again, delete those.
    5. You may also want to apply noindex to tag archives which have fewer than four products. They’re not useless, but they will cause duplicated content issues, among other issues (implications of which are listed in the next paragraph).

    When you’ve done your Spring cleaning, you should’ve thinned out your content tremendously, so only relevant pages exist. This gives less low-quality content for Google to process that brought your whole site down, and it will provide them with room to crawl newer pages quicker.

    But then, there are still some issues to resolve. For example, the perceived, local, page speed of the site is above what you’d want to aim for (2 seconds). This is known as the “Speed Index”, and you can find more about that by testing your site here:

    To resolve that, you’d want to kill off some features of which you know have little-to-no benefit to your site. My personal enumeration would be content minification, lazy loading, external ads, Facebook chat, Recaptcha, popups, banners, etc.

    Of course, some features have proven to be beneficial to your business, but I don’t have any insights on that; that is for you to decide.

    Consider consulting with an expert (or your hosting party) on WordPress performance, and how to apply improvements to your site.

    To close, you should see improvements in ranking and indexing within three weeks of cleaning. Over the course of six months, things should improve even further. If you’re able to lower the page load times, the improvements will be exponential.

    I hope this consultancy will help you improve your business! Cheers 🙂

    Thread Starter cdeguzman


    Hi Sybre!

    Holy moly. I wasn’t expecting this kind of a reply. This alone validates my reason why I sticked with SEO framework.

    Not to mention, for an o.c. like me, it like keeping those SEO bars green! 🙂

    Thank you very much for the tips. That should indeed keep me busy as I’m the only one doing my websites (learned from scratch) 🙂

    Thank you very much!!!

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    That’s amazing 🙂 Thank you so much!

    Don’t be afraid of some yellow or blue SEO Bar elements. They indicate that something might be wrong, but that’s for you to assert via a site-query on Google.

    For example:

    Best of luck!

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