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    For some reason, it stopped working. I can’t save anything to WP layouts, it’s saying that my quota is exhausted.

    I’m up to date in my versions, and I know for a fact that my quota storage isn’t exhausted, as I didn’t do anything with the plugin for a while. I cleaned it a few more times, nothing happened.

    “The layout could not be uploaded. Your layout storage quota may be exhausted, or your plan may be expired. Please upgrade or renew your plan, or contact us if you think this message is in error.”

    But whatever, I tried creating another account, and I couldn’t enter my login details within the Plugin’s settings, as I got another error

    “Login failed; please try again. If you continue to receive this message, please contact support.”

    So yeah, it’s completely broken for some reason.

    This is a very useful plugin, please fix it !

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  • We have identified an issue in the way the plugin was connecting from websites through our servers that was fixed today.

    You should be able to connect again and work with the plugin normally now.
    If you still see any issues, please report back and we should check.

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    It’s fixed ! Somehow, it deleted my saved layouts, but that’s really not a big problem as it only deleted those on my WPlayout accounts, and obviously not those on my websites.

    Thanks again !

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