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    Hello mandy876.
    Can you please be more specific? A working example?

    after updating to 4.0, the CSS gets messy or it doesn’t load it.
    I had to deactivate the plugin, the URL is

    I have multiple sites set up with SRP (free version) and it’s worked fine up until today. I just upgraded SRP AND WordPress to 4.0 and on at least 2 sites I AM seeing the post excerpts but they’re displaying horizontally across the homepage. Here is an example: — Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

    I’m sorry… I meant UPDATED, not “upgraded”

    I just installed this plugin to try it, I am having the same issue as mandy, nothing shows up, it’s as if the widget was never implemented. WP 4.0

    I have a feeling this may have something to do with the site not being responsive. Could it be that the post area is now designed with a 100% width (meant to wrap) and because some of these sites aren’t responsive the content is breaking thru the div?

    Plugin Author Luca Grandicelli


    mandy876: i’v etaken a look at your live example, and the list of posts spans vertically.
    If they span horizontally, just make sure the appropriate option under “Layout Options 2” is set to “Single Column”.

    c-saw: Can you provide a live example suggesting where the SRP plugin should show up?

    Thank You.

    sure ..

    I tried putting it above the tag cloud section. Nothing appears as you can see, your widget is in the list though. Could be some error on my end just haven’t had this issue before.

    In one of my widget areas nothing was showing because “Skip Posts Without Featured Image” was turned on…did this used to be just “Skip Posts Without Image” because it worked before and none of my poss have ever had featured images set

    Plugin Author Luca Grandicelli


    @c-saw: i’ve taken a look at your website and it seems that the widget is not placed within the sidebar. Please check that SRP is in the right draggable area.

    In these cases, it’s usefult to turn on WordPress the debug alert to understand what errors lie behind.

    Strange, it’s definitely in the list. I’ve been playing with the options trying to figure it out.

    Figured it out .. needed to enclose the plugin above it in a div. Sorry for the confusion.

    I guess you didn’t see my post and it only seems to be happening in Safari. I just checked Chrome and IE and all is well but in Safari the string of posts runs across the page. This is the container: <div class=”left” style=”width: 680px; margin-top: 0;”>[srp post_limit=’3′ post_random=’no’ category_include=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20]</div>

    Can you PLEASE tell me if the reason I’m not getting a response is that you don’t offer help for the free version of SRP?

    Well, I guess I have my answer. I’m removing the plugin from all of my sites. That’s just rude.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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