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    Make sure the AWD Weight/Country shipping option is enabled (enable this shopping methond ticked in AWD Weight/Country delivery method’s options)

    Hey, how did you fixc this? I have the same problem at the moment and have only found a fix in relation ho WPML which is not relevant to me.

    I fixed it by giving wieghts to all my items in their description

    BOOM! ^^^^^

    that’s the answer there for me. Thanks @creamiicandy

    All my products have weights, but it is still not showing on the cart en checkout page. Can somebody help me?


    I was so happy as you to find this extension..!
    And seem for me also, it is not working
    i made sure the AWD Weight/Country shipping option is enabled
    Few weeks have past since your lasted posts..
    Who could share his solutions..?
    Sexysuzie, it seems that you found a solution..could you telle you more about it?
    Thank you

    me too no work

    something wrong ?

    Make sure all of your country groups have at least one country.
    For example if the 5. group is empty, no shipping will be available for the groups or countries above the 5.

    of course i have done that and same verified 3 times at least…

    just a mistake i was making which i think it is easy to make. i was putting a forward slash ‘/’ instead of a pipe symbol ‘|’ in the shipping rates inout box. I found the instructions in the plugin a little misleading. Doesn’t look like your problem but thought i would add the comment for others who are a bit thick like me 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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