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    I was really happy when i found this plugin. But when i am trying to use the Bulk Smush.it i get a white screen after 20 to 30 seconds. When i look in the library i see ERROR: posting to Smush.it and Did not Smush.it due to previous errors. I have also tried to smush the images in the library. But also in that case i get no positive result. I already deactivated the W3TotalCache.




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  • David


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @mlooijengoed,

    Sorry you’ve had some trouble with that, let’s see how we can sort it!

    Could you please go to Settings > Media, then ticking the Enable debug processing option?

    Then try the smush operation again and let us know any messages that are displayed?




    Hi. I am having the same problem. I was trying to use Smushit.com and it was really, really slow, so I installed the plug-in. I checked the Enable debug processing option. Then I tried to smush a very small image. I got an error that says ERROR: posting it to Smush.it.

    Is the Smush.it site down maybe?

    Bonjour. J’ai les mêmes problèmes…
    Smush.it ne fonctionne plus sur mon blog.
    Je l’ai désinstallé et réinstallé mais rien à faire, il ne fonctionne pas…
    Merci d’avance,

    Hi @david

    Thanks for your quick answer! I’ve enabled the debug processing option but i don’t get any messages. Or do i have to download/use another plugin/toolbar to get these messages?

    I’ve tried to smush some pics also manually and about 30% is working. The other 70% is not and i get the white screen again with an URL like this:

    I’ve already set the “How many seconds should we wait for a response from Smush.it?” on 120 seconds.

    Already thanks for your support!

    Hi there

    Just to add to this, I am experiencing exactly the same problems as @mlooijengoed.

    Bulk Smush.it resulted in “Did not Smush.it due to previous errors” after one of the images exceeded the max size.

    When i try to re-smush (after fixing size) the bulk feature doesn’t work at all and then when i do it individually i have about a 20 – 30% success rate. I usually end up with a timed out screen and when I head back to media library it shows “ERROR: posting to Smush.it”.

    I have increased the Smush.it response time in Settings to 300 but no joy. I also enabled debug processing but no error messages other than “ERROR: posting to Smush.it”





    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reporting all this. Unfortunately, it seems Yahoo’s smush.it service is having some trouble this week, as reported here:

    I believe that’s the issue you’re seeing, sorry for any trouble there, the plugin does depend on that service.

    There’s a workaround to help avoid issues while uploading currently. Hopefully, the service issues are sorted soon. 🙂


    What we really need is for Google to take this over from Yahoo! ! 😀

    Yes, Google taking it over would be far better than Yahoo which is mostly unreliable these days.

    What we need is for the plugin to gracefully default to a straight image upload when connection to smush it times out. It’s pretty ridiculous that it doesn’t.

    fwiw, I have just successfully SMUSHED all my 400 images over this past 2 hours, so either now is a good (quiet) time to do it, or Yahoo! have fixed the problem.

    So I’d say the time I was using it successfully was approx :

    02:30 – 04:30am, Thursday, May 8, 2014 (EDT) (Time in Washington, DC, USA)



    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @photomaldives, thanks for that! Seems maybe that’s just a really good time period to try the operation. Hopefully others find that useful.

    @pixeldynamo, thanks for your suggestion, I’ll mention that to the developers as well.

    For the moment, you can set a lower timeout at Media > Settings and/or turn off auto-processing. Either of those can help at least avoid further trouble for the moment.


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