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    Hi Grzegorz.

    Thank you for your review. If you can provide some information about what exactly you are having problems with I could help you sort it out. Especially since myCRED uses WooCommerce and it works excellent.

    Please post any errors or such you are receiving in the support forums before giving a 1 star rating which is stupid because dozens of users use WooCommerce with this plugin without any issues.

    I think this guy just like to put 1 star rating without any reason .

    Please, change the rating, myCRED is perfectly working with woocommerce !

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    Why I need points in shop, if I can not give prices in the currency and in the points? I have to choose: currency or points. Not suitable for commercial use. Useless gadget. This plugin working with “Woo”, not working with “Commerce”.

    Plugin Author myCred


    So what you are saying is that the plugin works but not the way you want it to work.

    Not sure what you are looking for though.
    You are correct, you can either have a Points store where all prices are in points or use a real currency where you allow users to pay either with real money or points. You can even take things further and let your users convert points into a WooCommerce coupon which would allow users to pay using points AND real money.

    If you are looking for an example, the myCRED store uses US Dollars as it’s main currency but you can also pay for orders using points (which I call Tokens).

    So you have:

    – Pay for orders using real money
    – Pay for orders using points
    – Pay for orders using real money AND points

    I am a bit disappointed that you choose to rate this free plugin so low based on WooCommerce alone. myCRED offers so much more than it’s support for WooCommerce.



    Hi Gabriel,

    @grzegorz W has a tendency to rate anyones work as low. He also rated our quite good theme also as 1 star because it wasn’t working the way he wanted it.

    Plugin Author myCred


    @sktthemes Yeah I saw his history of rating and his love for 1 star ratings. I guess we can’t make everyone happy.



    I think an individual that gives one star to such a extraordinary work as mycred should be not able to rate. I think when we rate a plugin. You should not put stars based on your convenience. It should be on the functionality. If you need to do something and free plugi doesn’t do your custom requirement. You should pay or develop your own stuff and not unfairly damage reputation of an excellent Plugin and Author that strives to keep the highest standard and level of support.

    myCRED is one of the most incredible programs available! We have been using it with incredible results for months and our users have nothing but praise for it.

    or may be he is an attention-seeker… all 5 stars..why now I give 2stars! everyone will view it.. wow I am being seen!.. this is just bs.. plz update ur ratings to 5.

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