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  • And no 24hr response to help. Go a buy a premium plugin. I’m disabling this plugin from my other sites. Sorry.

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  • You’re aware that plugin support in is actually on a volunteer basis, right?

    I mean, some of us have to work for a living and can’t be available 24/7.

    If you’re so urgent on having a solution you should hire a developer or get a premium plugin and hope it has support.

    You and I should thank the developer for giving away is time and effort to produce this plugin.

    So, thanks Bryan. I’m going to test your plugin now 😉

    Thread Starter ChadAustin


    Yes, Mr Sanctimonious, I’m all too well aware of the volunteer efforts made by folks like me, yourself and developers. WordPress is ubiquitous online- even to non-web web folks. And most of those folks understand the word volunteer. I’m one of the few on here that actually do a little thing called DONATING to applaud efforts…. when efforts are made. And I try to answer questions when I have an answer or solution- which is, in itself, a donation of time.

    However, everything I do for MY clients IS urgent, and not a donation. I treat them with that kind of respect. And, I try to purchase premium plugins for that reason. They pay me, so my loyalty goes to them, not to a plugin or its developer.

    Sorry to vent my frustration, but my clients don’t care about developer issues. They only want something that works. Period. It’s a business model you had darn well better familiarize yourself with if you are to survive.

    So, if a plugin doesn’t work for me, I donate my time to others by informing them via forum post of my dissatisfaction- and usually my resolve. In this case, I disabled it. I have not yet found a solution for my situation so I haven’t posted it yet.

    I’m sure this developer is a fine, outstanding citizen. That doesn’t change the scenario of business needs.

    And that, my friends, is free information for all of you. Use it well.

    Again, I’m sorry you’re confusing volunteer work with professional client work. Your client’s troubles are his and yours, not this plugin’s developer. Your business model is, well, yours. And that has nothing to do with donating or not.

    You’re review criticized the plugin developer for not responding immediately.

    In my experience, the only way you can ensure an imediate response is contracting a developer to work with you. Even premium plugins have flaws and don’t all work out-of-the-box. And not all premium plugins have imediate support.

    You should, therefore, review the plugin for it’s use, not for it’s lack of imediate support, which is not something one is expecting in a open source and free project. More: since several other users don’t seem to have problems using it, have you considered a problem with your theme or other plugins?

    Bad reviews are as important as good reviews, since, as you put it – quite well actually –, it’s your way of contributing to the community, alerting others for potential bugs and problems. And posting solutions, if one finds it.

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    I’ll agree to disagree because, honestly, i like your debate style. And I agree with some of your points.

    But to not comment on support of a developer is unrealistic.

    I do volunteer work in my community. I’ve given to charitable events and foundations. I believe in community expansion, awareness the sharing of ideas- regardless of virtual or absolute. So much so, I’m one of the founders of TED talks for the city in which I live.

    My point is: I get the volunteer scenario.

    And having served on various committees, the most effective process I have found is:
    1. research
    2. test
    3. report
    4. discuss
    5. go back to #1 (or 2) or launch

    In this case, this experienced protocol absolutely mandates to hold a developer responsible for his or her product.

    WordPress is one of the best CMS out there. The only way we can ensure its survival and top ranking is to maintain high standards.

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