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  • Activating it and following the instructions does not turn it on.

    Update: The plugin ONLY works on posts. The full version allows you to activate it across entire pages which includes widgets. Paid version on CodeCanyon works great, and the developer is very responsive there.

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  • Interesting… I cannot find any support request from you for this plugin.

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    There are 4 questions in the support area and no one from your team has responded to any of them at all…

    You guys really need to put in big text that the plugin will NOT work on anything other than posts. As in, no widgets/theme areas.

    I actually just purchased the full version over on Code Canyon and will post any questions I have there.

    There are 4 questions in the support area and no one from your team has responded to any of them at all

    Sorry? My team? I didn’t know I had a team! You mean I’m helping to moderate the WPORG forums when there is a team I could be bossing around?

    Seriously – I’m not the developer of this plugin but as a forum mod, I do look into allegations of “no support”. And as such, the very first piece of advice I would give you is that you need to post in

    Thread Starter hotconductor


    No need to be sarcastic. Since you responded to my review I automatically assumed you were the developer. I did not realize that you are a WordPress moderator.

    I have written the developer directly. He/she did not respond and there are 4 unanswered questions at which all ask the same thing. “Plugin doesn’t work, how do we get it to work?” The answer is, it only works on posts, but that is not mentioned anywhere, nor in the instructions on the plugin itself.

    So yes, the developer is providing absolutely ZERO support here. However, he/she is VERY responsive over on Code Canyon. So a bad review here, great review for the paid version.

    When you post a review here, you are reviewing the plugin hosted here and the support hosted here. We do not accept reviews or complaints about support hosted elsewhere. so if you are complaining about support here, do the decent thing and actually post a request for support here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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