• I tested it in 3 different woocommerce websites, it just doesn’t work. The steps I followed in each 3 of them

    1. Set a product status to Out of stock
    2. Check performance Stock (in stock, out of stock)
    3. Actions: Apply for all products (or just the specific one, I tried both)
    4. Action: Set in stock
    5. Time conditional: Daily after time (I set it 5 minutes after the current time)
    6. 2 minutes after the time I have set, the product is still out of stock.
    7. Repeat the process and set the time to 12:10a.m.
    8. Next morning, I checked the status. Still out of stock.

    It makes no sense, no console errors, no conflictions. I also tested it in a fresh installation with just woocommerce and one product, no other plugin installed. Still out of stock each time.

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  • Hi @thebigbanik,

    Thank you for your rating.

    Are you using our pro version of this plugin?

    You only can apply a rule for a product in our free plugin. In pro version, you can add multiple actions to a product. It’s unlimited.
    You can read our document here for more information

    If you are meeting any issue related to our pro plugin, pls kindly submit a ticket to our support page to receive our support ASAP. This forum just support free versions of our plugins.


    Thread Starter thebigbanik


    Hi, I am using the free plugin, so I suppose that I need the pro version to achieve my goal.

    Dear @thebigbanik,

    If you’re concerned about our pro version, pls kindly ubmit a ticket to our support page to receive our support ASAP


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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