• This didn’t work at all. When I clicked Backup now nothing happened. This is one of those plugins where you need to “click here if it doesn’t work” – and then you receive a whole web page full of technical explanations and instructions. Just looking at the amount of text on that page made remove this thing. No good.

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    Hi gregerson,

    If “Backup Now” doesn’t work then your web hosting company has disabled the scheduler in your WordPress install. That’s not something we can control (it’s something your web hosting company have done), and hence we give a page of helpful instructions to help you resolve it.


    My host hasn’t installed my WP account. I have. So they haven’t disabled anything in my install. I’m running a standard WP install. If your program can’t run on a standard WP install and if people need to make advance preparations for it to work, then perhaps you should inform of that in advance? My host has no access to WP.

    Gregersen: I can’t help but side with the developer on this one. The hosting company can indeed disable things server wide that may be needed to run Updraft Plus. I have installed in numerous environments without issue, has have thousands of other people.

    A few things to try. Disable all other plugins. There might be a conflict. If it still does not work, try changing the WP theme to the 2012 theme that came with WP. This will help to eliminate any errors caused by scripts that were installed with your theme.

    If you still have problems I would advise talking to your hosting company to see if they have indeed disabled the scheduler.

    I hope you can get it working because it really is a great plugin. I’ve tried a few others and Updraft Plus is the only one that has worked with every install.



    Thanks for the response.

    My host is just a host, the CMS installation belongs completely to me. My host has nothing to do with that. I don’t run any free themes, I have bought a theme that is very popular and being used by thousands. It’s called Blue Diamond.

    I’m sorry. I can’t spend a great deal of time trying to make this thing work. I’ll just try another plug-in that does the same or simply just copy my server files from the server. As a matter of fact that seems like the fastest and best option anyhow. Doesn’t look like I will miss any magic here. All I want is to take backup’s.

    Sometimes hosting companies have settings in php.ini that prevent things from executing. It has nothing directly to do with your wordpress install. I has everything to do with the settings your hosting provider uses by default.

    Not all hosting companies enable all features. That is what we are trying to tell you. Sometimes you have to ask them to do abc or xyz in php.ini.

    Hope your site setup goes smoothly from here on out.

    I have now emailed my host about this issue and are awaiting response.

    My host has replied. They are requesting php listings that is missing, they say the developer of the plug-in needs to provide the information. I have no idea what they are referring to here


    not sure who your hosting company is, but it seems strange that they don’t know what to do.

    Maybe you should switch from them…..This plugin (as stated several times above) works generally out of the box.


    Do you have any suggestions for host company? I guess I’ve been with that host too long now, they don’t seem to be very WP orientated. The name is Webhuset and they are located in the town of Bergen in Norway. I’ve always wanted to be connected to a domestic host as it’s kinda practical.

    Well, there a few good ones here in the US, i.e hostmonster and hostgator.

    Hostmonster offered shared accounts for a very low price, hostgator offers shared, vps, dedicated and reseller accounts.

    I use both and I am happy with them.

    But do you know if I can continue using domestic email domains if I go for a foreign host? How are they in terms of stability and support response? My sites cater to my domestic audience, but if they are served from the states, then the require time gets longer?

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    These are the hosting organisations WordPress recommends: http://wordpress.org/hosting/ – Due to the nature of this subject this thread will now be closed to stop attracting spam.

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